What to Pack for Baby on Plane : The Ultimate Checklist

When it comes to kids, you cannot afford to get it wrong regarding what to pack for baby on plane. These dolls are not only tiny but also helpless. They are relying on you for whatever they may need. For that reason, you have a huge responsibility.

Parenting is not easy. Nevertheless, some things can simplify it even if it is for a bit. Do you intend to travel on a plane? Will your company be a baby? This piece aims at assisting you to do your responsibility efficiently.

It points out at the vital baby packing checklist you need to tick before boarding your flight. Traveling documents such as a passport, travel insurance and custody documents are apparent. What more should you carry besides that? Check them out!


What to Pack for Baby on Plane for Feeding?

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  • Bottles: Do not forget that it may be hard to wash them during the journey. Therefore, carry a number that will last you for the entire flight.
  • Formula and a dispenser: If you feed your kid on formula, ensure that you take enough. The latter will assist you to mix the formula. Given how high you will be while on the plane, you will need the dispenser.
  • Bibs: To prevent food spillage on the clothes, you should carry a few napkins. They are better than changing the gears every time you feed your baby. It is advisable that you can those that are either washable or disposable.
  • Breast pads: Are you nursing? If yes, carry some of these. They should be reusable or disposable.
  • Pumping bag: When it is hard to breastfeed, this one becomes a great option. Therefore, ensure that you carry it so that feeding the baby can be possible and easy.
  • Travel cooler: It comes together with the pumping equipment. It is ideal for storing milk after pumping. For an additional bottle of milk, this is also an excellent way to preserve it.
  • Squeeze pouch food and spoon: If you do not want to create a mess while feeding the kid on the plane, this duo will help. It makes giving your kid on solid food a breeze.
  • Puffs: You should carry them if they can assist you to entice the kid. Sometimes they are the only thing that can calm them.


What to Pack for Diapering?

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  • Diapers: If you are traveling with a toddler, it is crucial for diapers to be among what to pack for baby on plane. Ensure that they are enough for the trip. To be on the safe side, carry more than those that you use on a typical day. Since you will be traveling, disposable ones are an ideal choice.
  • Changing pad: It comes in when the need to change the baby arises. You have two options. Carry a plastic changing pad or a disposable one.
  • Diaper rash cream: It will prevent your kid from getting rashes.
  • Wipes, wet wipes, and sanitizer: Use them before, during and after changing the diapers.
  • An extra bag: It will be for storing used and smelly diapers as well as dirty clothes.

What to Pack for Comfort?

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  • Blanket: They will help when laying your baby down or keeping it warm. You can carry another one that is multipurpose. A recommendation is a swaddle one. They are compact, and lightweight hence saves much space. In addition to that, they can help in some ways. That includes wiping spilled food.
  • Toys: The reason is that a flight will take a long time. That means that there are high chances of the baby becoming bored. The toys will not only prevent that but also distract the kid during the traveling period.
  • Pacifiers: If it uses them, ensure that you pack it. I have a tip. For safety reasons, including the pacifier falling and you not seeing it again, come with clips. They will hold them in position.
  • Travel cot: When I come to long distances, as much as you want to hold your kid in your arms, carrying your kid might be impossible. That brings the need to request for an airplane bassinet. Once it sleeps, you can put him or her there. It is important to note that each flight has only one bassinet. Equally important, only specific plane seats can accommodate it. For that reason, request for it in advance.
  • Extra pajamas: That is in case the baby messes the other one.
  • A fake phone: It spares your cell phone the agony of getting damaged. At the same time, you get something to calm the baby down as well as distract.
  • Dropper stopper: Why is it a thing among what to pack for baby on a plane? It will see to it that you don’t keep bending every time the kid drops something. The plane is dirty. Other than that, there are high chances of losing the tossed object forever.

What to Pack for Health and First Aid?

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As much as you will do a vaccination in advance, these items are also necessary.

  • Medicine: When it comes to what to pack for baby on a plane, do not omit these things. Carry what your baby use for loose motions, cold, cough as well as fever. For instance, infant Tylenol.
  • Vitamins if the kid uses them.
  • Thermometer to check for a change in temperature.
  • Calamine lotion: It will assist a great deal in soothing an insect bite.
  • Nasal aspirator: For the clearance of a congested nose.
  • The antiseptic solution, bandage, and cotton: In case of an injury, they will assist.
  • Nail clippers: They will help you trim its nails.
  • Wet ones: Go for those that are antibacterial so that they can be useful when it comes to wiping its things. The chances of the kid putting his belongings like the toys in the mouth are high. To be on the same side, ensure that they are germs free. The wet ones can help you achieve that.



As we conclude on packing for babies on flights, do not forget these as well. These will not be of help when you are on the plane. However, upon landing and during the stay, they will be of great help. They include a stroller, clothes, bathing supplies and mosquito repellents among others.

Final Words

What to Pack for baby on a plane! Everything that you need to know is at your disposal no doubt.

what to pack for baby on plane

If it is your first time, the list above is a guarantee that you will not get it wrong, regardless. Have you traveled before? Were the items you carried enough? Did the bag have all that was necessary? If it is a no, the discussion above is a guarantee that this time will be different. Heed the advice.

We have details of your baby‘s flight packing at your disposal. Remember that your kid depends on you. You cannot afford to let it down.

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