What Room Temperature Is Too Hot For a Baby

In most of the parts in India where we live in hot conditions, it is normal to wonder what room temperature is too hot for a baby?  Here we provide you with the quick baby room temperature guide to get the ideal temperature for the baby room in summer as well as winter.  So, better get your room thermometer ready before you read on.

As an adult, you know the temperature that you can dwell in comfortably. You cannot roam around during the soaring heat. Most of you, preferably all of us prefer to sit and snuggle in an air-conditioned room. What temperature is too hot for a baby? What is ideal room temperature for the little one?

India, being a versatile country, there is a sharp rise and fall in temperature in the respective seasons. So, parents should make sure that the baby is put in an ideal temperature. Let’s see in detail about ideal room temperature for the babies.

Baby Room Temperature Guide

As a new parent, you may not be aware of many aspects that may put the baby at risk. Too hot or too cold temperature put the babies at risk. In fact, if the temperature is too hot, there is a risk of SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

The ideal room temperature for the babies ranges from 16 to 20°C. On an average basis, the recommended temperature is 18°C aka 65°F for the babies. You can use a baby room thermometer to check the room temperature.

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This room temperature is applicable throughout the year, regardless of the climate. However, these things aren’t very much common in the Indian household scenarios. How to check whether the temperature is ideal for the baby to snug around and/or sleep comfortably?

Ideal Room Temperature for the Babies

The ideal temperature for baby room in summer in India

Every year, summer temperature soars high. However, adults are accustomed to the same. Ideal temperature in summer is 20°C to a maximum of 22°C.

The ideal temperature for baby room in winter in India

Except for a few colder regions in India, winters in other places are manageable with the right choice of clothing and accessories for the babies. Any temperature that is not lesser than 16°C is ideal for the baby.

How to find the temperature is not too hot?

Many Indian families are not accustomed to using the gadgets and products meant for baby care. In fact, the need for baby room temperature isn’t massive. Just by looking at the baby, by touch, and by your senses you can easily find whether the temperature is comfortable or not.

Every baby is different. So, there may be ups or downs in the temperature requirement. You cannot conclude the ideal temperature that is not too hot by merely looking into the baby room temperature guide.

Exercise a reasonable precision by human touch. The best judgement is what you see. Most mothers can quickly sense the lack of comfort in the babies.

The solid sign that the temperature is too hot for the baby is, he/she becomes irritated and cranky.

  • Touch and feel the tummy, back, and/or neck of your baby. If you find the back or neck or tummy cold or sweaty be informed that the temperature is hot and not comfortable.
  • Does your baby sweat a lot than usual? Sweat is a natural defense mechanism of the body to make it cooler.
  • Most babies are likely to be irritable and mottled when they feel the temperature is too hot.
  • The little one may also become dehydrated and can show up the signs of dehydration like chappy skin, dry lips, flaky scalp, etc.
  • Sweaty back, chest, and damp hair (check the hair, and it is a reliable sign of overheating)

Note: Feet and hands of the babies usually remain cool, which is natural.

Risks of too hot temperature


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is the significant risk of overheating and overcooling.

Poor sleep and a state of constant sickness

Ideal room temperature helps the baby to sleep without any oddities. Newborns are likely to sleep a minimum of 16 to 18 hours a day. The duration and number of hours of sleep gradually reduce. Still, the babies sleep for minimum 14 hours till they turn six months old. Too hot temperature not only affect their sleep but also put baby’s health into risk.


Dehydration in babies is a dangerous condition, which may call for immediate medical attention in many instances.

What to do when the baby is exposed to hot temperature

More than room temperature, you should also pick the right clothing and bedding for the little ones. Parents should learn the choosing the baby clothes according to the changing temperature.

Avoid layering the baby with clothes

If your baby remains uncomfortable due to a hot temperature, do not layer the little one with too many clothes. When you notice any of the above, remove the cloth and take the baby to a more relaxed environment. There is no need to panic.

Use light, breathable fabric

It is common practice to dress up baby in thin, cotton, and breathable fabric during the hot summers, which is just a single layer of clothing. Follow the same. Comfort is essential before the fancy stuff.

Uncover the head

Keep the baby’s head uncovered. Also, limit the bedding sets or bedclothes to a single layer. Cotton clothes or thin cotton bed clothes are sufficient for the babies.

Do not shift the baby constantly

It is the best practice to keep the baby in stable room temperature during the daytime. Do not take out for a stroll during the hot days.

If you are still confused at what temperature becomes too hot for a baby, do this a good rule of thumb.

(as an adult in regular/light clothed)

If the room for you is too warm for you, it is the same for the baby.

If the room for you is cold, it is the same for the baby.

If you are comfortable in any room temperature, the baby is also comfortable.

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