Top 5 Best Baby Car Seats in India

If you are looking for car seats for babies in India, you must make your choice based on the safety of your baby (thanks to our rough Indian roads) as well as your lifestyle. We will be going to review the Top 5 Best Baby Car Seats in India to help you determine which one is best baby car seater that is ideal for your kids.

How to Choose the Best Car Seat for Babies in India:

Now, with regards to selecting the best baby car seat, parents have many choices to go by. They can decide on a car seat for the infant until the baby reaches one year old to 15 months old up to thirteen kilograms and then change to a convertible car seat after little one turns one year old. If the baby outgrows the convertible seat usually baby is approximately four years old or weighing 20 kilogram and above, you utilize a booster seat until the baby is about seven years of age.

If you decide to purchase an infant car seat and then convert to a convertible baby seat, you’ll need to spend a considerable amount of money. On the other hand, the benefit is that once your little one sleeps in this kind of car seat, you can carry the car seat at home quickly without disturbing your kid. Therefore, when your kid’s sleep is essential, then infant car seat is the best choice until he reached the age of 1 and then move to a convertible type.

Optionally, parents could acquire a travel system that comes with infant car seat which could be attached to the walker or stroller. Through this way, it is simpler to carry the sleeping baby when going shopping. Once your little one isn’t asleep, you can utilize the stroller with no attaching the infant car seat to it.

The next choice is to purchase a convertible car seat which could be utilized by your newborn for days. Through this way, you do not need to give out anything on infant car seat. However, you will not be capable of carrying the baby car seat around like the infant car seat. No matter what type of baby car seat you choose, it is essential to know how to set it up correctly.

Car seats for baby are made to be safe and sound in a stroller or car for utmost security. The merely time its durability will be considerably tried in the real world is in case of a mishap. That is the reason why crash tested, and NHTSA certification is very essential.

All in all, you should always tick the criteria mentioned above before buying the baby car seat. It makes picking the best car seat for your babies will be much simpler and easy.

Here are the top 5 best car seats available in India which offers utmost safety as well as comfort for your kids:

1- Jack N Jill – Baby Car Seat – Convertible Car Seat from R for Rabbit:

If you decide to travel a long distance, the rear and forward facing convertible seat can be fun for your baby. The Jack N Jill Car seats work best up to the four-year-old and R for Rabbit has a valid certification for the baby safety. It has the state of art mechanism to integrate smoothly with your car seat.

Jack N Jill Convertible Car Seat is at the top of our list as it is very reliable, comfortable and safe. The installation is smooth and the weight of the seat is light. The price is reasonable for the quality it offers. You can check the price on Amazon

You can check the detailed review here –> Jack N Jill – Baby Car Seat Review

2- Luvlap Sports Convertible Baby Car Seat:

What I love about Luvlap is that being an indigenous product it gives a stiff competition to the imported car seats. European standards certify the Luvlap Sports convertible baby car seat. It is perfect for a baby under 18 kgs. You can efficiently use this till your baby reaches the age of 3.

The Luvlap seat has a three-position reclining backrest for comfortable seating and sleeping. It is safe for the baby, especially with the integrated backrest support. Luvlap is a favorite car seat to be sold online. You can check this baby car seat on Amazon.

You can read a detailed review here –> Luvlap Sports Convertible Baby Car Seat

3- Graco Highback TurboBooster Car Seat:

The Graco Highback TurboBooster Car Seat is another seat we like a lot when it comes to extra comfort and safety for your little one. The quality checks of the Craco Highbacks go through a crash test and is engineered to meet the international quality standards. The Pediatrics Academy officially recommends it in America, and it works excellent on Indian roads too.

The Graco Highback TurboBooster Car Seat is a good seat for tall and heavy babies. It is one of the best in the world. Since it is expensive, we rated it below the above seats. If you can afford the seat, it is a good purchase. You can grab the seat from Amazon.

Check our complete review here –> Graco Highback TurboBooster Car Seat Review

4- Chicco Eletta Comfort B.Car Seat:

Chicco Eletta Comfort B. Car Seat is another car seat comes with a soft 3d breathable fabric which assures safety and comfort from the newborns to the three-year-olds.  You can easily install it in the rear seat of your car. The seat comes with a rounded design with padded side wings which ensures more excellent protection for the newborns. It can handle a weight up to 18 kgs.

It is a famous brand worldwide and is heavy on the price. But, it offers the coziest experience for the baby. Check it on Amazon.

Read our detailed Review here –> Chicco Eletta Comfort B.Car Seat Review

5- BabyBlue Baby Car Seat:

The BABYBLUE baby car seat is suitable for bigger babies especially the ones over nine months. It can handle kids up to 12 years and is a unique car seat under the more significant kid’s category. It also manages to weigh up to 36 kgs. The kids love it especially the little-grown ups for their extra safety seats.

BabyBlue Car Baby Seat is sturdy yet very light. The price is not hefty on the pocket and is a good value for money. It has a 5 point harness and six headrest positions. Check the product details and price here.

Check our Detailed review Here –> BabyBlue Car Baby Seat Review

These are the 5 Best baby car seats in India that you should not miss to purchase in the market. Each of these car seats highlights innovative and high-quality features which makes it different and unique from others.

They also offer unique benefits for the safety and comfort of your baby. Despite some of the minor problems that this car seat provides, it will never outweigh the benefits. Choosing any of these car seats will be a valuable investment for you.

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