Sterilizers for Baby Bottles – Which is The Best?

Baby bottle sterilizer and dryer is nowadays necessary to safeguard the baby from food contamination. So, to answer your question about which are the best sterilizers for baby bottles available online in India? I have been researching on them and found the best five for you to pick for your little one.

5 Best Sterilizers and Dryers for Baby Bottles 

Sterilizers for Baby Bottles Which is The Best? So, Here is a quick insight on some of the best and handy sterilizers for baby bottles, to help you make an intelligent choice out of the many sterilizers available in the market:

R for Rabbit Peter Fighter Plus 

This BPA Free electric steam sterilizer is capable of holding and sterilizing 6 baby bottles at a time. What makes this sterilizer extremely handy for mothers is the fact that it can accommodate baby bottles of all sizes, so you can simultaneously sterilize your baby’s milk as well as water bottles.

Sterilizers for Baby Bottles - Which is The Best?

Moreover, you can easily opt for 9 minute quick sterilization, in case you are a working mother or your baby is in urgent need of bottle feeding.

This extremely compact baby bottle sterilizer also features an inbuilt Auto Shutdown function that allows the sterilizer to shut down automatically for optimum electricity usage. In addition, this ROHS and ISO9001 certified sterilizer. It comes with effective steaming that can kill up to 99.9% bacteria present in the container.  This sterilizer keeps your little one absolutely safe from diseases and infections.

It is this effective and fast steaming facility that makes the NO leakage, NO spilling Peter Fighter Plus Electric Sterilizer an affordable yet dependable choice for parents looking for a hygienic sterilizer for their infant’s bottle. The only thing missing in this compact sterilizer  is a tong for picking up the hot sterilized bottles once sterilized.


R for Rabbit Baby Bottle Steam Sterilizer

A multipurpose 3-in-1 steam sterilizer, the R for Rabbit Sterilizer Baby Bottle is constructed of BPA free material, making it absolutely safe for your little one.

The sterilizer is ergonomically designed to hold and sterilize up to 6 baby feeding bottles of various sizes. Also, it can hold baby accessories like plates, forks, teethers, nipples, etc. This  handy steam sterilizer is extremely useful for steaming egg or other baby nourishment food.

Sterilizers for Baby Bottles Which is The Best

To help you save up on energy wastage, the R for Rabbit Baby Bottle Sterilizer comes with an inbuilt sensor. It has an automatic shut-off and 8 minute quick sterilization cycle. It makes your baby’s meal absolutely safe and germ-free. Easy to use, this no leakage no spilling baby bottle steam sterilizer is great for carrying along on your travels.

In addition, the compact design of this baby bottle steam sterilizer also makes it a perfect fit for compact kitchen spaces. The steam sterilizer is also easy to maintain and clean by simply using little vinegar and water. The only missing component in this portable and compact steam sterilizer though, is a tong or clipper for picking the hot sterilized bottles out of the sterilizer.


SToK ST-ES01 3 in 1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

A personal favorite with most new parents, the SToK 3 in 1 Electric Steam Sterilizer is BPA free and capable of holding 6 feeding bottles at a time. The shape of this electric sterilizer is ergonomic. Hence it is suitable to accommodate both wide-neck and narrow-neck bottles along with various accessories.

Sterilizers for Baby Bottles Which is The Best

Moreover, it gives you the luxury to sterilize 6 bottles of small, medium and large sizes at once. In order to save you from electric wastage especially when the water level is low, the SToK 3 in 1 Electric Steam Sterilizer comes with 8 minute automatic turn-off cycle. Then you don’t need to keep checking on the sterilizer while you finish up with other work.

This 3-in-1 sterilizer is convenient to assemble and extremely handy to use. You can save you a lot of time. Especially if you are a working mother and need to sterilize multiple bottles for various needs of your baby.

Trumom 3 in 1 Electric 

The Trumom 3-in-1 Electric Feeding Advance Bottle Warmer, Food Heater and Sterilizer is one of the topmost choices for new parents when it comes to electric sterilizers. The multi-functional sterilizer is great for sterilizing baby bottles of various sizes, baby teats as well as small toys.

As compared to other plastic sterilizers, the stainless-steel warming chamber of this electric sterilizer ensures optimum thermal conductivity. It means it thaws quickly, safely, and evenly for the perfect results every time.

Best baby bottle sterilizer and dryer in India
A convenient and time-saving option, this Electric Feeding Advance Bottle Warmer is quite handy. Especially for mothers who prefer to pump breast milk into bottles. This sterilizer is the safest and easiest way to prepare healthy meal for the baby at the right temperature.

However, this Electric Sterilizer a popular  because it’s easy to clean and comes with taintless steel. Hence it makes  it resistant to rust, corrosion as well as bacteria. This ensures a healthy and safe meal for your baby every time.


Trumom Electric Steam Sterilizer – 6 feeding bottles

The Best Selling baby bottle sterilizer, the Trumom Electric Steam Sterilizer can hold up to 6 feeding bottles of various brands at a time. This electric sterilizer is constructed of safe and 100% BPA free plastic. It is perfect for sterilizing not just bottles but also other smaller items like spoons, bowls, teethers, breast pumps, cutleries and even small toys.

This compact and multi-functional electric sterilizer can get all your items sterilized within just 9 minutes. You can even opt to leave them in the sterilizer for a long period, if you don’t need them immediately.

Best baby bottle sterilizer and dryer in India

Incredibly handy during travels and ergonomically designed of food-grade silicon, the Trumom Electric Sterilizer comes with handy attachments including bottle shelf, base & cover, tongs, nipple shelf, etc.

Most importantly, the sterilizer has a stress-free maintenance. The heating coil is easy-to-clean and is made of high quality material. Just soak the sterilizer overnight in a mixture of water and vinegar . All the scaling gets automatically removed.

So what is the best thing about the Trumom Electric Steam Sterilizer? In my opinion, you can continue using it as a food steamer, even after your baby starts weaning.

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