Seemantham Decoration Ideas at Home

Seemantham is one of the most auspicious baby shower events celebrated in South India. We have put some easy Seemantham decoration ideas at home. Read On:

It is a set of rituals performed during the odd months of pregnancy. Generally, it is performed in the 7th or 9th month of pregnancy, for the first time pregnant women.

seemantham decoration ideas at home

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A woman who bears the child is considered as an embodiment of Goddess Lakshmi. The pregnant woman receives blessings from the family members and elders, gain mental strength, increases her confidence, etc. This ceremony creates a joyous and pleasant environment for her.

Also, Seemantham rituals are only for the birth of the first child. In each culture, this ceremony is celebrated in different ways. It is also referred as Godh Baharai and baby shower. The very term ‘baby shower’ doesn’t do any justification for this traditional ceremony.

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Every ceremony or special occasion calls for revamping the home with beautiful decorations. So, Let us look at some popular Seemantham or Seemandham decoration ideas at home.

Traditional Decoration for Seemantham

On all auspicious events in most of the South Indian Hindu families, traditional decoration remains the core. Hence, It looks invigorating. There are many staples to the brimming traditional décor.

seemantham rangoli designs at home

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It involves crafting big and beautiful ‘kolam’ aka rangoli at the entrance. A bunch of fresh mango leaves is tied at the entrance. Mango leaves hold a holy place in all traditional ceremonies and festivals of Hindus.

A generous spread of sweets and savories (in odd numbers) in decorative plates, bangles, fruits, lighting the brass diyas, silver diyas, hanging the garland made of tender mango leaves, incense, etc. creates a lovely ambience for the ceremony.

In certain communities, these lavish spread of different items is placed on a silk mat.

Flower Decoration

No celebration is complete without the goodness of the flowers. The latest flower decoration includes three types;

  1. Creating a scenic background with fresh red roses
  2. Arranging flowers in square shape – contrast colors
  3. Diagonally arranging flowers garland

seemantham decoration at home

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Fresh Red Roses:

It might be an extravagant décor idea for Seemantham, yet it creates beautiful and pleasant ambience in your home. The Mom-to-be and her husband sit in the chair / wooden benches (mania palagai)/ a silk mat. You can décor the wall behind the seating arrangement with fresh red roses. But don’t overdo it by placing the roses all over.

Square Shaped Flower Arrangement:

It is the most popular trend in weddings and related ceremonies. The decorative area is divided into multiple parts as even shaped squares, mark it on the wall. You can choose two different flowers (preferably in constant colors) secure on the wall.

Diagonal Hanging of Flowers:

It is a classy flower décor arrangement that goes well with many ceremonies. Hang the flowers diagonally in the walls. You can choose the artificial flower (or flower garlands) or natural ones.

Apart from these, hanging flower garlands in different sizes (especially marigold in yellow and orange and jasmine).


Colored Theme Decoration

Color based seemantham decoration ideas at home always have the upper hand. The more colourful the better it looks.

Generally, the disclosure of baby gender is not legal in India. So, you can blend both these colors in the décor.

  • Paper flower balls make the vibrant décor
  • Four leaf color garlands made of paper
  • Pompom flower balls and hangings look cute
  • Traditional multiple layered wall hangings – peacock, elephants, butterfly Ganesha, birds, and beads

Pompom paper flower balls in different sizes and shapes, in pink and blue electrifies the home atmosphere during the ceremony.

If you choose any other color, make sure to select the color that blends perfectly with your home interiors.

Eco-friendly Seemantham Décor

These days, most people resort to natural living. So why not use the eco-friendly decoration for the Seemantham.

seemantham decoration ideas at home

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Some of the décor ideas include,

  • Dolls made of dry coconut dolls
  • Using the bamboo baskets to create the spread of items
  • Paper or jute return gift bags
  • No artificial/plastic flowers

Handmade Charts and Hangings

Add more freshness and rejuvenate your home. If you want to personalize decoration, you can do it quickly. Moreover, make everything hand-made. You can choose the any colour combination shades.

seemantham decoration ideas at home

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  • Create Indian Gods outlining them with flowers.
  • Draw the tiny fingers and foot and create a beautiful hanging for the entrance.
  • Make the shape of the tiny frocks and shirts, draw/cut from the colored the charts and make it a hanging.
  • Balloons have great importance in home decoration. Use balloons to décor your home.

Colorful Drapes of Fabric

This is a popular decoration idea, prevalent all over the country. You can pick a single color or multiple colors. Decorative drapes come in silk, faux, cotton, and linens. Most of these fabrics come with a shiny coating and a smooth look.

seemantham decoration at home

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If you choose to decorate with fabrics, also include the decorative lamps. It adds more vibrancy and finesse to the décor.

Décor ideas:

  • White or light colored fabric (most people uses saree too) as the background with cris-cross or side-hangings of the colored fabrics in any dark shades
  • Two contrast shades of fabric hanged in different dimensions

Check this beautiful decoration created by Roopini ( check out her Blog – lets make it lovely)

Seemantham Gift Ideas

In most of the traditional events, the return gifts include the auspicious products. Conventional Seemantham gift ideas include the following:

seemantham decoration ideas at home

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  • Bangles for the women and girl children along with ‘thambulam’ which has beetle leaves, beetle nuts, fruits (preferably banana), kumkum and a blouse piece, packed in a decorative plate.
  • Thambulam is one of the most popular seemantham gifts for guests with or without coconut.
  • For close relatives, it also includes one or two varieties of sweets and savories.

Other Seemantham gift ideas include chocolates¸ decorative kumkum box, fruit bowl, bamboo basket with sweets or chocolates, pouches / tiny bags. Aromatic candles make the beautiful return gifts.

You can pair the gift ideas with the décor or theme of your ceremony. Instead of a traditional thambulam plate, you can give the same items packed in a fancy bag. Bangles, small mirror, bindhi, mehendi, kumkum and kajal, wrapped in a fancy bag.

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