Jumping Games for 3 Year Olds

Are you in sincere search of jumping games for 3 year olds? I fathom where you are coming from, of course. There are those names that once mentioned rings a bell. What accompanies them is nostalgia. The friends and games you played back then are worth commemorating. Right? Those days are gone. However, you are now a parent.

Missing such outdoor activities is something you cannot even wish for your worst enemies. For that reason, you cannot stand between your child and such memories. That is why you want to know the best jumping games for 3-year-olds. In fear of disappointing your kid, you are doing an intense search. Count yourself lucky. Why not when this is the best place to be? Who are we to disappoint a parent who wants just but the best for his or her kid? Keep reading to learn about the best jumping games for 3 year olds.

The Best Jumping Games for 3 Year Olds

Below are some of the most common jumping games for 3-year-olds. We will take a look at each one of them in details. Continue reading!

1. Hopscotch or Stapu

Besides India, this is one of the best jumping games for 3 years old. It involves taking turns. Why not when the game can only accommodate one player at a time. With either a beanbag or a rock as well as a hopscotch grid, your kid and the friends can enjoy it. How? I will explain the procedure in a moment.

•    The fun starts as soon as the game commences. Lack of a hopscotch mat is part of the fun. In that case, you or the kid will draw the grid. Use chalk or sand to draw it on concrete and sand surfaces, respectively.

•    Once you chalk down the grids, number each box. It should be between 1 and 9 or 10.

•    Each participant, once his or her turn, throw a stone. The rule states that it should be within the box.

•    Each time, you throw it in a different box. As soon as it settles on it squarely, you start hopping from one box to another. You then retrieve it and return to the starting point.

•    If the last box’s number was ‘4’, the next one would be 5.

•    The first one to throw the pebble in all the boxes up to the last one wins. Upon winning, you will add another box. That way, it will become harder for others to succeed.

2. Langdi Tang

It is yet another one of the most famous Indian jumping games for 3-year-olds. It is good to introduce it to your kids if they intend to indulge in gymnastics, volleyball and kho kho in the future. How do you go about it? The instructions are as follows:

  • You should divide your team into two. Each group comprises 12 players. In addition to that, there should be three more players.
  • It has four divisions. Since the game lasts for 36 minutes, each segment takes 9 minutes.
  • There is usually a toss and the team that wins it becomes the defenders.
  • The other one being the chasing team send their chasers. I don’t think it will be easy since they hop on one foot as they try to conquer the defenders.
  • For the chasers, stepping out of the ground is not prohibited. However, you must remain on one food.
  • On the other hand, the defender should not step out of it or do a line fault. In case that happens, the felon is out of the game.
  • The more defenders that the chasers tag, the higher the chances of winning. The winner is the team that labels a higher figure.

3. Red Letter

If you want one of the most exciting jumping games for 3 year olds, this is another option. At this age, it is all about alphabets and counting. That makes the sport appropriate. What are the rules of the game? Check them out!

•    Find as many players as possible.

•    Select the person to start the game.

•    The starter will say The Red Letter is any letter in the alphabet. In this case, I will keep referring to B.

•    If your name does not contain letter B, you can no longer be part of the game.

•    For those whose names have a B, they should jump one step forward. The number of jumps should correspond with the number of Bs in their names.

•    The beginner goes to the next letter, and the process continues.

•    Since the players are facing the Red Letter starter, each jump means moving towards him or her.

•    The winner is the one who reaches the starter first.

4. Skipping or Rope Jumping

t is a game which involves a jump rope. The participants have to jump so that you the string can pass under the feet. It then goes over the head, and the cycle continues.

jumping games for 3 year olds

Image Source: Wiki Commons

There are innumerous options when it comes to this game. They include basic or easy, alternate foot, crisscross, side swing, sailor and double under jumps. Others are the likes of TJ, frog kick, elephant, inverse toad, awesome Annie, cougar, and toad. Since our discussion is about the 3-year-olds, the relevant one is the basic one.

What is Easy/Basic Jump?

  • Jump with the two feet over the rope.
  • They should be slightly apart.

5. Ring a Ring O’ Roses

This one is common all over the world. It involves singing a song. There are various versions. For Indians, the song goes like


Pocket Full of Poses

Hush!Ah! Hush! Ah!

We all jump.”

You get to do what the last line asks you to do. That includes jumping and falling.

There are other slight variations including the American and British versions.

Final Words

The next time you are thinking about jumping games for 3 year olds, the options above are worth considering. Since the kids are still young, they may need guidance from an adult. Therefore, you may have to engage in more fun. With time, they will be in a position to do it themselves. Children deserve games. The suggestions above will help you do the parenting in the best way possible.


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