Indian Home Remedies for Gas Problem in Infants

There are foods that cause gas in babies while breastfeeding, so we give you the simple Indian home remedies for gas problem in infants. If you give drops to pacify the baby you should also know – are gas drops safe for newborns? Also, you should know the best sleeping position for gassy baby. Here in this article, we answer all such queries.

When the babies cry and make a fuss, not many of us, especially if you are a first-time parent aware of the reason behind. A majority of newborns can have the gas problem.

Babies have no duties, except feed, sleep, cry, and repeat. There are no stable feeding schedules. So, they always remain gassy.

Yes, the gas problem is an avoidable affair from newborns to older adults. At the same time, there are many home remedies available handy. Before we move on to solutions, let’s throw light on how common is this problem and causes.

Gas Problems in Infants – As common as they pee and poop

Be it a formula fed babies or fully breastfed babies they are prone to gas problems and stomach pain. This very common digestive issue makes baby, colic. A colic baby is hard to manage, and they put forth a lot of tantrums.

When your little bundle of joy cries for no apparent reason, be assured that he/she developed gas. The gas bubbles make them colicky and trouble them. Infants are prone more to gas than babies older than six months.

Crying and turning cranky is the way of letting you know that the little one is gassy! Also, many babies continuously squirm to indicate he/she isn’t comfortable.

Babies develop a gas problem in two ways.

  1. The air they swallow – Both breastfed and formula fed babies
  2. Foods that break into their digestive system – Breastfed babies

The gas problem in bottle-fed babies (Also breastfed babies)

Babies naturally become gassy when they are fed! When they are fed through bottles or when you latch, they tend to swallow air.


Foods that cause gas in babies while breastfeeding

The gas problem in an infant is more common and frequent than bottle-fed babies. What the mother eats impact the baby. It is the primary reason that women after delivering the baby undergo strict diet for first 30 to 45 days after giving birth. Most new mothers are fed an easily digestible diet with lots of vegetables, cooked with fewer spices. Besides, they should avoid gas inducing foods until they stop breastfeeding.

Check out below the list of foods that causes a gas problem in babies

  • Beans
  • Cabbage and all cruciferous vegetables
  • Lentils and dals
  • Sprouts
  • Wheat
  • Meat
  • Processed foods
  • Nuts and grains

The above list is not exhaustive. Some women may develop gas even after eating eggs. On a lighter note, the list of foods that cause gas in mother causes a gas problem in an infant too.


How to address gas problems in Infants

Consult a pediatrician for gas drops

It is impossible to take your baby to a pediatrician every time he/she turns colicky. If you wish to do, you should appoint a personal pediatrician for your infant to stay along. Of course, you can consult with a doctor and get the gas drops to soothe the gassy stomach.

Are gas drops safe for newborns?

Gas and digestive troubles are due to food habits in adults, not in babies. So, the babies tend to accumulate gas now and then, which is a normal process. In case of emergency, you can give the gas drops to soothe the irritated and crying baby. Feeding medicines for the infants for a long time is unsafe.

It can lead to a lot of side effects. Also, babies tend to develop a dependency on the gas drops. So, it impacts the immune system and leads to compromised digestive health.

Indian Home Remedies for Gas Problem in Infants

While the problem is very common and recurrent, don’t we have an effective solution? The handy and long used Indian home remedy to address gas problems is ‘Gripe Water!’ That’s an instant remedy for gas in babies. However, it works miraculously in some babies, but some babies remain to be fussy. So, let’s explore various effective Indian home remedies to treat gas problems in infants.

Warm oil massage

A gentle massage on the baby’s stomach, chest and back relieve gas in infants. It also reduces the colic pain and prevents constipation. You can warm up coconut oil and gently apply on baby’s stomach. Do it twice or thrice a day.

Carom seeds

Carom seeds are counted as the best remedy for gas in adults too. It is one of the typical Indian home remedies to treat a colicky baby.

  • Boil half a teaspoon of carom seeds in two or three glasses of water.
  • Let it cool down and filter the water
  • Feed one teaspoon of water at regular intervals
  • It provides instant relief from gas and comforts the baby

Indian kitchens across various cultures use Asafetida aka Hing as one of the spices that adds a distinctive flavor to the foods. There is more the flavor; it helps in proper digestion. However, you cannot feed asafetida to the baby, instead, apply on the stomach.

  • Mix two or three teaspoons of oil (coconut oil or sesame oil) and add a pinch of asafetida.
  • Slightly warm the mixture.
  • Apply the warm oil and massage the baby’s stomach.
Castor oil – an ancient remedy

Heat the castor oil and apply it to the belly button. Gently touch and massage the baby stomach in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. It works like a charm in the babies. It reduces the body heat in babies, soothes them, and also provides relief from pain.


Acorus calamus is one of the miraculous ingredients that helps in healthy growth of babies. It is called as “Pillai Valarthi” in Tamil which translates into a product that aids in nurturing the healthy baby.

  • Burn a part of calamus stick and extract the black ash.
  • Mix water and make it a black paste.
  • Apply it on the stomach.
  • In a few minutes, it provides relief.
Cumin, ginger, and garlic

Breastfeeding mothers can drink cumin water and add ginger and garlic in their diet to prevent the gas problem in the infant.

It is impossible to avoid the baby from swallowing the air. What next? How you hold the baby, the position counts a lot.

Best sleeping position for gassy baby

Indian home remedies for gas problem in infants

Most of you would have noticed this practice. After feeding baby, the little one is not put to sleep immediately.

The elders carry the little one on the shoulder and gently pat or rub on the baby. The babies burp. It is an indication that they released the excess air.


  • The best sleeping position for a gassy baby is putting him/her on back. Elevate the head with thin bedclothes or infant pillow.
  • Let baby take a nap on tummy for a short time.
  • You can also put the baby on stomach in your lap, for a brief period.
  • Do not put the baby to sleep before he/she burps.

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