How to use Baby Toys That Encourage Crawling or Standing

Parents are often happy about their child’s activity, but their development is also the major concern for any parent. By development of a baby, I mean activities that are noticeable & can be termed as assurance of strength. Activities like Crawling, trying to stand, able to stand, walking, etc. Here show  How to use Baby toys that encourage crawling or standing. Read On.

Crawling is the first noticeable development activity that a baby shows. One of the best techniques  to  encourage your baby to start crawling is to use their favorite TOYS.

Usually, babies start crawling when they are 7-11 months old. Baby while this time improves skills, learns, improves physically & develops perceptual skills.


Why is Crawling important?

Every baby has its control capacity & abilities. Usually, babies with poor head control don’t tend to lay on their stomach. Meanwhile, a baby with good head control might do the opposite. So, its all about head control. Right?

Head control is an essential factor for mastering physical development. Hence, head control should be mastered at an expected age.

I have seen that parents worry about their baby’s development & they should. They become anxious & start to find help especially “HOW TO TEACH BABY TO CRAWL”. What do they need to do?  Here we are going to discuss how to encourage baby to crawl & stand step by step.

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How to Encourage your Baby to Crawl:

There are a few ways to make your baby crawl & master it. Firstly, you need to make your baby lay on his/her tummy (BASIC). We would discuss the safest & best techniques only.

5-P Baby Crawling Technique

The technique about which I was referring above is “5-P Crawling Technique”. Over here TOYS will be used according to progress. There are simple 5 Steps that won’t take your much time. Let’s have a look at this 5-P:


Before mastering crawling or even to hope of learning it, a baby needs to be made comfortable in the tummy lying position. Being the first step, you need to use soft mats or soft lying toys. So, here are few toys to encourage your baby to achieve 1st LEVEL OF CRAWLING.

1. Parklon Double Side Living and Baby Play Mat:

Parklon Double side living & Baby Play Mat is suitable for any baby belonging to any age group. This mat is safe & made by nontoxic material (BPA-FREE). You also get different designs on both sides with colorful & vivid patterns.

Best toys for crawling

This product is available in 2 colors- Green & Blue. Mat is also referred to be water resistant. It is recommended to wipe the mat with a dry or wet cloth that makes it easy to clean.

2. Bebe Dom Non toxic Double sided soft Playmat

Bebe Dom is popularly known as manufacturers of Baby care products &    Dwinguler. This product is made up of High-quality nontoxic material free from latex,  lead phthalate & BPA free. That means it’s eco-friendly too.

Best toys for crawling and standing

The mat has also been tested to European Toy Standards EN71 & has been proven to be hygienic & safe. The mat protects the delicate head of the baby, hands as well as wrist. You can quickly clean this mat by just using dry or wet cloth.

I think now you might have trained your baby to lay on his/her tummy. Let’s proceed to Step-2:



In this step, you always don’t need to buy toys specifically. As your baby is trained to lay on his/her tummy, you need to put a roller now. Rollers here should be soft & cylindrically shaped (NOTE: SOLID IN STATE). Solid stated rollers are better & last longer. Let’s take crawling to Step 2.

Step 2 is focused on raising your baby’s upper body to train elbow & arms for next step by elevating it from ground. You can also use wedge cushions. Here are few roller toys listed below:

1. Mamas & Papas Tummy Time:

This toy is just a simple brightly coloured cushion that encourages your child to lift their head, strengthen their body parts like neck, arms & chest muscles. The toy also has the baby safe mirror to help the baby with self-awareness. A musical lullaby also comes as a bonus to soothe your baby.

Baby Toys That Encourage Crawling or Standing

This product is also Non-Toxic. This toy can also develop your child’s motor skills because of the use of muscles & movement. Suitable for Age: Birth+.


2. Mamas &Papas Tummy Time Activity Toy &Rug:

This toy is similar to Mamas & Papas Tummy Time, but this one has got an additional soft flat cushion. Fold our rug to let your baby enjoy Tummy Time. Easily foldable & can be stored easily.

Best toys for crawling and standing
3. Farm Roller by Infantino:

A cute roller & perfect companion for your child. It is a simple toy with no specific features. It’s easy to inflate. The only one features because of which I have listed this toy is “Jingles.” This toy jingles when rolled.

Baby Toys That Encourage Crawling or Standing

Your baby would be excited to roll on this toy & would be curious too. This product is usually available in less quantity. Kindly check the availability on Amazon by clicking the above button.

Now you have learned about making your baby lay on their tummy & about rolling. A further step is about positioning the ELBOWS.



This step isn’t troublesome but yes requires parental support. You need to hold your baby by elbows & according make them lay. By doing this, you would be able to see whether your child wants to lie on their elbows or not. Continue giving support & make them position their elbows. You don’t need any toy for this step.



Pillow wedges, Activity mats, pillows & lounging cushion, are considered in this category.

1. Tiny Love Tummy Time under the Sea Playmat:

This product offers you a Soft, adorable yellow mat & crab pillow. A mirror is also placed on this toy. Funny carb pillow supports baby & encourages head lift. The engaging theme helps baby to play & fish mirror stimulates the baby.

How to use Baby Toys That Encourage Crawling or Standing
Excellent aquatic themed play mat & pillow. Mat is washable,  and so is the pillow. Just wash it as per the manual instructions.

2.Fisher-Price Playtime Tummy Wedge:

Fisher Price one of the best online store for baby products. This toy comforts your baby’s tummy time. With a vibrating & crescent-shaped wedge, this toy ensures comfortability.

Baby Toys That Encourage Crawling or Standing

How to use Baby Toys That Encourage Crawling or Standing

The toy also comes with 10 minutes of exciting music that makes baby excited.It is washable after you remove the electronics.

3. Lounging cushions can also be used. Just ensure the baby’s elbow position. Elbows should touch the floor & your baby can crawl.


This is one of the best steps. Your baby will positively react to your actions especially the mother. You need to get on the floor with them face to face. Now, talk, amuse & encourage your child. You can also use crawl mirrors.

Helpful toys that I would recommend to you:

1. Bright Starts Play Mat, Cuddly Crocodile:

Cute prop pillow featuring a crocodile includes ring rattle, fabric toy, toy with crinkle, turtle teether. The end of this baby mat has a baby safe mirror.
How to use Baby Toys That Encourage Crawling or Standing


 2. VTech Move and crawl Ball:

Your baby would be super excited while seeing this toy wiggle, wobble & roll all around the floor. This Ball is loaded with educational stuff, lights, shapes, numbers & animal sounds. The toy includes three aa batteries & isn’t harmful to babies.
Baby Toys That Encourage Crawling or Standing

This toy doesn’t need to be cleaned & weighs approximately 170 gram.


3. Press ‘n Go Monster Truck:

This four-wheeled monster toy can make your baby crawl. You baby will be delighted after pressing this toy’s head down & seeing him running forward, encouraging your baby to crawl behind their new friend. Babies can develop motor skills as they crawl & Sensory skills because of a variety of texture.
Baby Toys That Encourage Crawling or Standing

Just press down the monster’s head & rolling toy will encourage your baby to crawl after this toy.


Few Toys that your Baby might Love:

Everyone has been a Baby in their life & many of us would love this listed toys. Even parents would at least wish once to play with these toys.

1. TYMX Baby Crawling Tunnel Tent :

Any baby will like baby tunnel tent even by adults. This toy can develop a child’s vision, audibility, imagination, & cognitive ability. Also, the toy has mosquito proofing. It is safe & lets your baby breathe. Usually, it can accommodate 3-4 children &    profitable for you if you have got twins.

Manufacturing materials:

  • Polyester cloth
  • High quality steel holders
  • No sharp objects.

Baby Toys That Encourage Crawling or Standing

This product can be folded & stored in a carry bag. It’s lightweight & can be transported anywhere. Your baby will love this toy.

2. Toyshine 4 in 1 Activity Baby Walker, Activity Center:

This toy encourages standing. Meanwhile, this toy has got 4 activity features.

  1. Play Station: fold the front wheels & sit on the floor & play.
  2. Babysit for feeding: Use of Toy Tray
  3. Push Walker
  4. Fixed wheels: Here you can fix wheels

Baby Toys That Encourage Crawling or Standing

3. Samaira Toys Kick & Crawl Tunnel Gym for Newborn Baby With Hanging Toys (Ocean Theme):

Ocean themed tunnel toy for your pupil. The small balls on the fish have sound when your baby pushes it a sound comes out. Other features like the mirror, rolling ball can get great fun for your child.

The toy develops eye-hand coordination with toys to bat, grasp & kick. Hanging toys encourage your baby to kick them or sometimes try to reach them strengthening their arms & legs.

3 Modes of transformation:

  • Lay & Play
  • Tummy Time
  • Sit & play

Baby Toys That Encourage Crawling or Standing

4. Fisher-Price Link ‘n Play Musical Gym:

This Lay & crawl toy includes five toys. Bat at a mirror to activate audio. It develops baby ’s sensory skills. Musical mirror, flower teether with clackers, Soft chime bee & soft leaves with cacklers. This toy offers you two stages of play: Lay & Play or Crawl activities.

Baby Toys That Encourage Crawling or Standing

So, We e covered the baby toys I found might encourage your baby to crawl and stand. For walking you should further check the best walkers and push toys we recommend.

There are few things every parent should be aware of crawling. Mostly every baby masters this milestone of crawling even if you do nothing. These above ways were just a few activities & ways to encourage them.

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