Food that Breastfeeding Mothers Should Avoid

What is the food that breastfeeding mothers should avoid? That is a question that plagues many nursing mothers. It is the dream of every newborn’s mother to do what is right for her child. Since kids depend on them for nutrition, they have to ensure that they offer the best.

Many are times when people concentrate on what to do. They forget that overdoing good things could also be wrong. Equally important, they also take things that they shouldn’t.

Did you know that there is food that breastfeeding mothers should avoid? Are you aware that some regardless of having nutritional value do more harm than good?

We are about to unveil the food that breastfeeding mothers should avoid. Read on!

• Processed Foods

The first one of the food that breastfeeding mothers should avoid is processed ones. With an extra responsibility which is taking care of the kid, time becomes a rare commodity. Due to that, you may turn to processed food. I wouldn’t blame you. That is because they are not only quick but also easy to make.

food for breastfeeding mothers should avoid

However, they contain preservatives as well as additives. Did you know that the latter is a cause of colic and allergies? The two have toxins that are harmful to the baby. If you are breastfeeding, avoid them. Otherwise, your baby will become short-tempered too.

• Sea Foods

Are seafood bad for the baby? It is not correct to say that they are. On the contrary, they contain Omega 3 fatty acids. That is important for the improvement of the nervous system of your child.

food for breastfeeding mothers should avoid

Nevertheless, mercury levels in the seas continue increasing each new day. That is why they are food that breastfeeding mothers should avoid.

If you consume high mercury fish like tilefish, king mackerel( bangda), shark, and swordfish expect disaster. They have adverse effects on the neurological development of the infant.

• Caffeine

Some of its sources is a favorite beverage, coffee, soda, tea, shop-sold drugs, and soda. Why should you avoid it?

food for breastfeeding mothers should avoid

The reasons are to ensure that the child gets ample sleep. Additionally, you avoid having an agitated baby.

• Citrus Fruits

They include oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes. They increase the rate of infant reflux. Other effects are a fussy baby and diaper rash.

food for breastfeeding mothers should avoid

One would argue how they are excellent sources of vitamin C. As much as it is essential to the baby, it is still not advisable to take them. They are acidic. Instead, consume the likes of mango, strawberries, papaya, leafy greens and pineapple.

• Gassy Foods

If what you consume causes flatulence, you should reconsider it going forward. Which are the examples? They include broccoli, onion, cabbage, cauliflower as well as cucumber.

food for breastfeeding mothers should avoid

Though there is no scientific reason behind their consumption, the fact that a baby gets gassy in return is enough reason to stop.

• Alcohol

The prominent part is that you should not consume it while pregnant. The reason why that is a recommendation is the same for breastfeeding mums. It can pass from you to your child via the breast milk.


If it is harmful to adults, imagine the harm that it can do to your child. Most importantly, it affects its neurological development adversely. The child’s growth will also be at stake. For addicts as well as those who need it for one reason to another, I have a tip.


Do not breastfeed the kid until it is no longer in your system. That means assuming and taking chances. Therefore, as much as it is okay to drink occasionally, avoiding it will be better.

• Spicy Foods

food for breastfeeding mothers should avoid

Since it is not apparent that spices will not work for him or her, consider an observation role. If you observe a change in the behavior after taking spicy foods, avoid it. Failure to do that comes with consequences such as fussiness.

•Sweetners and Sugary Foods

They contain many calories but little nutritional value. Examples are soft drinks, cakes, potato crisps, and chocolates. In the case of chocolate, there is more. It contains a substance by the name theobromine.

food for breastfeeding mothers should avoid

Its effects are not different from those of caffeine. For that reason, it is food that breastfeeding mothers to avoid. In that relation, one should avoid artificial sweeteners as well.

• Excess Fats

They affect similar to that of excess sugar. Excess fats for mothers who are trying to get back into their shape is a total negative. Having said that, they lead to acidity and hence affecting the health of the newborn as well.

food for breastfeeding mothers should avoid

Excess fats not only goes for the cheesy burgers and pizzas but also the deep fried foods as well. Avoid the oily samosas, onion bhajiyas, and the pav bhajis. Of course, you can have them once in a while in moderation.

• Garlic

Why is it food that breastfeeding mothers should avoid?

food for breastfeeding mothers should avoid

The smell of the same is noticeable. As much as some would love it, its presence in breast milk may not be suitable for others.

• Allergic Foods

When it comes to allergies, each body reacts differently. However, you can only know what can affect you after eating it. Below are some common allergens. If your family has a history with a given allergen, avoid is as long as you are breastfeeding.

Corn: They result in rashes as well as discomfort.

Wheat: It causes gluten intolerance. As a result, the baby suffers from fussiness, bloody stools, and last but not least sensitive stomach.

food for breastfeeding mothers should avoid

Dairy products: Does your child exhibit symptoms such as vomiting and colic? If yes and it happens after consuming dairy products, it is a high time that you stopped taking them.

It shows intolerance of the same. Other side effects are sleeping and skin problems. Eczema is also a symptom. Therefore, for your, they are food that breastfeeding mothers should avoid.

Eggs: Babies can be sensitive to eggs especially the whites.

Shellfish: If a family member is sensitive to shellfish, avoiding it could be good for the baby.

• Various Herbs

Did you know that you can apply the likes of peppermint tea when you wish to stop milk production? That is standard practice once a mother is concluding weaning. Imagine taking it without that intention. The breast milk will reduce. That will not be good for the baby.

food for breastfeeding mothers should avoid

Things will be worse if your child is in the growth spurt. At that stage, the milk they require is above normal levels. Therefore, it is food that breastfeeding mothers should avoid. Other similar herbs are parsley as well as sage.

Final Words

From our well-researched list above, you have adequate information regarding food that breastfeeding mothers should avoid. If you observe some of the highlighted symptoms, be keen on whether the food has something to do with it. Keeping abreast with what the baby is feeding on is vital.

By avoiding the above, you will keep the kid safe. Therefore, there is the need to heed the advice. Again, do not forget the food that breastfeeding mothers should avoid.

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