Best Security Camera to Use As Baby Monitor

Can you actually use a security camera as a baby monitor? Yes, you can and we illustrate the best security camera to use as a baby monitor here along with the security camera with a temperature sensor. In this article, you will also get to know how to use Amazon echo and Google Home as a Baby monitor. Read On.

Can I use the security camera as a baby monitor?

We answered that already. Yes, you can use a security camera as a baby monitor. There is a trend in the market from the past seven-eight years of producing multi-purpose devices. The same trend applies to the security cameras as well. They are many security cameras available in the market that you can use as a baby monitoring device.

Here is a product available on Amazon India, which you can use as a baby monitor.

  • The D Link security camera:



The exact name of the product is D Link DCS P6000 LH mini HD WiFi Camera.

The D Link security camera is a portable camera, so you can put it wherever your baby is. It is a wireless network camera and is suitable for both day and night environment.

This security camera is featured with the night vision camera, motion sensor, sound detection sensor and comes with a free mobile application through which you can control the camera and its settings.

Also, it has a 720p high-quality camera. In the night it can record up to 5 five meters of depth too. Being a portable camera, you can efficiently use it as a baby monitor and always keep an eye on your beloved baby.

You can easily control the camera even if you are not at home using the given mobile application. So be tension free all the time about your baby and do know what your baby is doing, in an effortless way.

Best Security Camera to Use As Baby Monitor

Security camera with a temperature sensor

Security cameras are essential for the security purposes, but do your security camera comes with a temperature sensor? Now buy a security camera with a temperature sensor and ensure the environment is suitable for your baby’s sound sleep. Here is a security camera with a temperature sensor

  • The Fosbaby by Foscam


This Foscam security camera is a digital type security camera with ease of use with a temperature sensor. This camera has the following feature and functions which make it one of the best security cameras:

  •  A multi-functional security camera which can be used as the baby monitor too.
  •  It comes with high definition video quality.
  •  The camera comes with night vision, two-way audio, plug and plays feature.
  •  Foscam security camera also comes with the built-in web server for simplified camera management.
  •  It has a lullaby function too.

All these features combined in one security camera make it one of the best security camera available in the market.

This camera comes with a baby blue and baby pink camera which suites and complements your baby room. There is a free application given with it so you can watch your baby anytime and anywhere.

This security camera with temperature sensor comes with a one-year extended domestic warranty, which makes this product as the best value for money security camera product.

Not only warranty, but Foscam also gives technical support to their customers. The camera is a high-resolution camera with Thirty frames per second.

It comes with a built-in night lamp, which is perfectly designed for your baby’s sound sleep and will never disturb the baby’s sound sleep. It supports a micro SD card which you can use for video recording and video playback.

Security camera with a temperature sensor


  • Elvy EU plug


The Elvy EU plug also known as MOON security camera is another top-selling security camera on the market. The primary specialty is that it can be used as a baby security camera as well as it is also featured with a temperature sensor.

It also comes with an LCD monitor having bright, beautiful LCD color display. The device is a wireless device and comes with a 2.4-inch screen. The baby security camera has music features too.

It has a wireless range of 100 m. The lens of the camera is complementary metal oxides semiconductor (CMOS) type. It has a rechargeable battery and is tested and certified too.

It has two way audio way audio monitoring channel. The display has a resolution of 320*240 ( Red Green Blue). It has an infrared sensor and can be used to control both audio and video monitoring.

The capacity of the inbuilt DC battery is 5 volts. The frequency on which it operates is 2.4 GHz. The resolution of the camera is 0.3 megapixels. The image sensor is 1/3”. The focal length of the lens is below three, i.e., 2.8  and the EFL is 3.6 mm.

The display comes with a good range of viewing angle, which is seventy ( 70) degrees. The quantity or the number of Infrared LEDs are also quite high. It has a total of seven pieces of Infrared light emitting diodes ( IR LEDs ).

The night vision camera has a depth of five meters which implies that it can record images up to a distance of five meters in the dark. The camera is packed up with so many unique and advanced features that it is one of the best selling security cameras.

Security camera with a temperature sensor


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How to use Amazon echo as a Baby monitor

You might be thinking whether it is a joke that Amazon echo can be a baby monitor. But that’s not the case, because you can easily use Amazon echo as a baby monitor.Amazon Echo is the best investment you do on any device. Here are the few simple steps to use your Amazon echo as a baby monitor.

  1. Turn down the volume down before putting it in the baby room. By doing so, you can hear while the baby sleeps and if you have reconnected or there is a drop in, there will be no loud sound when you again connect to it.
  2. Using the device in the baby’s room, call your other Alexa device. You can also drop in other Alexa devices. It can be another Echo or your phone.
  3. Whenever you call your device, answer it in another room.
  4. Keep the connection open when the baby sleeps, and whenever the baby wakes up, end the call quickly.

After following the easy steps, you can easily make the use of your Amazon echo as a baby monitor. Now be tension free and see your baby anytime without disturbing your babies sound sleep.

How to use Amazon echo as a Baby monitor


How to use Google home as the baby monitor

How to use Google home as the baby monitor

Google home is one of the most advanced google devices of all. If you have it, and you have a baby too, then you very lucky, because you have got a perfect combination.

Yes, you read it right! Now after a recent advancement to the Google home, you can use the google home as a baby monitor. You just need to follow the steps, as shown below.

Method A

  1. Put your device near the baby.
  2. Whenever the baby cries, use this sound as a keyword in the same way you do it, to set new commands.
  3. Now baby cry will be configured as a new command for the Google home.
  4. Now your baby monitor is ready! So, Whenever the baby cries, it beeps an alarm which will make you know that the baby is crying.

Method B

This method is even much simple than the previous method

  1. Put the Google home device in your baby room.
  2. Turn on the mic.
  3. Now any sound that occurs in the room, you can hear that via other devices.
  4. So whenever or whatever your baby will say, you listen to it all.

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