Best Playpens for Toddlers

If you are looking for the best playpens for toddlers in India, the few questions that arise in you mind can be are these playpens for crawling too? are these extra large? are they tall enough?  We answer it all here. Read on:

Playpens are something that your toddlers would love to have for themselves. It gives them the right kind of space where they can be free to walk around and play with their toys. Playpens offer a safe place for your kids to crawl around and explore the arena. You can find one of the best playpens for crawling to give your child the freedom to explore.

There are also some extra-large playpens for toddlers that offer them a bigger space to play with their toys, walk around and enjoy their growing up years. If your child is tall and has a tendency to jump out of the playpen, you can get them a tall playpen for toddlers to ensure their safety.

There are numerous products available in the Indian market with a wide range of features to suit your taste. Every playpen has an exciting feature that will make you fall for it. Moreover, a playpen can contribute immensely in making your child active in his/her growing up years.


Playpens are one of the best gifts for your little one. Let’s check out some of the playpen options for you!


1. The Hide & Seek Baby Cot Cum Bed With Smart Folding By R For Rabbit

The Hide & Seek Baby Cot Cum Bed with Smart Folding by R for Rabbit is available in Red and Beige colors. It offers the best ventilation from all the four sides and can be used as a playpen for your toddler too.

The Hide & Seek Baby Cot has a playpen age limit between 12 to 36 months of age after removing its Bassinet Layer. It can be an ideal product for your toddler. Let’s check out the specifications of this product!

Best Playpens for Toddlers


  • An additional bassinet and a mattress to ensure that your child gets a sound sleep with perfect ventilation
  • An option to remove the bassinet layer to make it a playpen for your child
  • Adaptable to the needs of your child as he/she grows, you can use it as a bed, a cot or a playpen.
  • A combination of legs and wheels to make the baby bed supremely stable and portable so that you can move it around as per your needs


2. Sunshine Playpen For Babies By Luvlap

The Sunshine Playpen for Babies by Luvlap can be an excellent companion for your baby if you are looking for something that can be convenient for storage as well as travel. It is compact and easily fold-able so that you can carry it around.

The playpen is certified, healthy and safe as per the EN standards. So, you don’t have to think twice before buying it for your child. Want to know more? Check out these features:

Best Playpens for Toddlers


  • A mesh on both sides to give proper air, ventilation, and visibility
  • Easily foldable and durable frame that makes it a perfect Playard when you travel
  • Convenient and handy wheels to move it from one place to another
  • An additional mattress of 2 cm that can be used by the baby to take a nap
  • Door with a zipper so that your baby can quickly step in and out


3. Room Cloud Bread By BabyCenter India With Two Extension Kit

The Room Cloud Bread by BabyCenter India with Two Extension Kits is another great product for you if you are looking for something that can be set up quickly and easily with the instruction manual.

Moreover, it is made up of PP and PE Material that is high quality and non-toxic, so it is perfectly safe for your baby. Some of the other features of this product are as follows:

Best Playpens for Toddlers


  • Includes an activity panel, 6 connectors, 1 door panel and 4 cloud bread plain panels
  • The weight of the product is about 18 kg, and the size of the play yard is about 2400 mm (W) X 1100 mm (L) X 600 mm (Height for door and activity panels) / 650 mm height for Cloud Bread Plain
  • E-71 Certification of European Standards for toys
  • Easy to assemble or disassemble, so it makes it perfectly portable
  • Safe for babies


4. Travel Cot Of Premium Quality With Baby Cot Cum Bed Playpen By Baybee Little Hut

The Travel Cot Cum Bed Playpen by Baybee Little Hut is highly safe for toddlers, follows high European safety standards and are EN71 certified. They have considered every safety aspect to make it highly secure. Let’s check out some of the features of this playpen to know more!

Best Playpens for babies


  • Exclusive design that can be easily folded and can be set-up in the Playard for your toddler
  • Compact design with folding feet and wheels that make it dynamic
  • A large-size bassinet that is easily removable that makes it perfect for your baby to take a nap
  • A comfortable softly padded mattress that makes it ultra-comfy for your baby
  • Can take up to 0-15 kilos of weight
  • Fabric that can be easily cleaned or wiped
  • A push-button folding that makes it easy for you to fold and keep it away
  • Assembling instructions given with the product and can be managed easily


5. Multicolor Playmate Babies Portable Cot By Fisher-Price

The Multicolor Playmate Babies Portable Cot by Fisher-Price is an amazing product that has easy portability due to its fold-able design. Hence, you can carry it easily with you if you are going for a summer vacation or even for a day-long picnic.

It also has a convenient carry bag that makes it perfect for traveling. Some of the interesting features of this product are given below:

Best baby Playpens in India


  • A soft base that is well-padded with a mattress and a lovely animal print
  • A travel carry bag that makes it your perfect companion
  • Easy to clean because of its wipe clean fabric
  • Ideal ventilation and visibility due to an airy mesh around it


6. Compact Two-In-One Crib And Playpen By Mee Mee

The Compact Two-In-One Crib and Playpen by Mee Mee is a cute looking playpen for your baby. Your baby will definitely enjoy being in it! What more? It is also very comfortable and safe for your little one.

It has some high-quality material as well as breathable fabric so you can be sure that your toddler is secure in it. Let’s check out some other features of this playpen so that you can be sure that it is the right product for you!

Best Playpens for Toddlers in India


  • Can be converted to a sleeping cot with its sleeping layer that makes it very cozy for your baby
  • Equipped with wheels and brakes so you can move it around and also be sure of the safety
  • Premium quality fabric and materials
  • Easy for parents to check out the kids while they work on other stuff since it is netted from the sides


7. Baby Playpen Cum Play Gym by Amardeep – Blue Color

The blue colored Baby Playpen Cum Play Gym by Amardeep comes with comfortable fabric and attractive colors for your baby. The soft and non-toxic material makes it extremely safe for your kid.

The bright and beautiful colors also contribute towards improving the sensory skills of your child. It has some more exciting features that will help you decide on this product. Let’s check them out!

Best Playpens for babies in India


  • Dimensions of the product are 110 cm X 10cm X 80 cm
  • Export quality materials used in the product
  • Comfortable and soft mat made out of non-toxic materials
  • Available in attractive colors
  • Side walls made up of soft materials to keep your child safe


8. Baby Bunny Cot By BabyCenter India

The Baby Bunny Cot by BabyCenter India is a cute looking playpen that your kid is going to love! It is made up of Polyethylene and Polypropylene which is easy to install and can be used as a cot or a playpen.

It is designed in a way that it is highly safe, cozy and comfortable. So, you can totally trust your baby with it. You can have a look at some of its exciting features to decide if this is the product you have been looking for!

Best Playpens in India


  • Safe and comfortable design
  • A bright colored product that makes it interesting and fun for your kid
  • Easy to install
  • Manufactured in Korea
  • Made up of Polyethylene and Polypropylene


Final Words:

These are some excellent product options if you are looking for a playpen for your kid. Some of them are also multipurpose playpens that can be used as a sleeping cot too. You can check out the features of each product to select the right one for you.

All these products can be easily purchased online and can be delivered directly to your doorsteps! You want to give the best for your baby, so check out the features and buy one playpen for your toddler now! They will definitely be pleasantly surprised with their new gift.

We understand the hassles parents go through to find the perfect products for their child. However, with this comprehensive list, you can easily find all the specifications and features in one go and without navigating through various websites and products.

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