Best Organic Baby Bath Products

How to make your baby not to cry during the bath time? It is a most difficult question you can hardly give a satisfying answer. Of course, you can quickly reduce the hassles by choosing tear-free, chemical-free baby bath products that soothe the baby. Just like skincare products use the organic line of products for the baby bath. Here is the list of best organic baby bath products you can rely on.

  1. Argan and Moringa Seed Oil Shampoo

It is not difficult to find the tear-free shampoos for your little one in the market. However, you can see only a few products formulated with the perfect blend of natural ingredients.

Just like baby’s skin, the hair needs proper care. Baby bath time ritual also includes hair wash and cleaning the scalp. From the house of Moms Co, this is one of the best organic baby shampoos you can rely on. The shampoo has the blend of seed oils and coconut based cleansers, which is gentle on the scalp.

The baby shampoo is USDA certified. The combination of organic argan and moringa seed oils aids in hair growth. It is an ideal shampoo to use during the first 3 years of the baby. The product is clinically tested and certified as hypoallergenic.

A blend of the ingredients has no compromise. There are no hidden chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Although the shampoo lathers less, it cleans the scalp and hair. Indeed, it makes the best and safest cleaning solution to the baby.

The healing properties of moringa cleanse the soft scalp of the baby. The tear-free shampoo is an add-on, loved by many moms who used this shampoo. Who likes when the baby shed tears? You can make the bath time ritual happy and engage with this nourishing shampoo.

The nourishing, cleansing, hair growth, scalp-protection, and strengthening properties of the shampoo loved by a majority of the users. Just a couple of users find that fragrance too strong for the babies.

  1. Organic Blueberry Baby Wash

You can find many baby wash products. Organic blueberry baby wash is an exceptional baby bath care product formulated by Rustic Art. It has the mild and beautiful fragrance of lemon and rose. The baby wash is free from chemicals and synthetic ingredients. The baby wash also comes in eco-friendly packing.

Organic blueberry is a mild, chemical-free baby wash, suitable for all skin types. It doesn’t cause any irritation.

The three vital ingredients include blueberry fragrance (certified organic), rose essential oil, and lemon essential oil. The other elements used in the blueberry baby wash include coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, neem oil, and vitamin E oil. It doesn’t cause any irritation on the baby skin. It also helps to retain the moisture for a longer time.

Some of the organic products do not lather much on the skin. This baby wash is not a tear-proof product, which is considered a small negative by a few users.

  1. Organic Goat Milk Baby Soap

All babies are born with healthy skin. They need proper skin and bath care products. You can never go wrong when you stick to organic baby bath products.

If you look for the ideal baby soap, free from chemicals and parabens, choose the goat milk baby soap. It is an Ayurvedic soap, formulated with organic ingredients. It heals, nourishes, and protects the sensitive skin of the babies. This is a pediatrician recommended product for the babies with extremely sensitive skin.

The principal ingredients are the pure goat milk. It contains all vitamins and fat. Goat milk prevents skin inflammation and gives extra moisturizing.

  • Chamomile and jojoba oil regulates the skin pH level, makes the skin soft, smooth, and shiny.
  • Honey shields the tender skin.
  • Calendula controls and prevents the inflammation of the skin.
  • Shea butter and extra virgin olive oil hydrate the skin.
  • Lavender gives a beautiful fragrance.

It is also a hypoallergenic soap, good to use on extra sensitive skin. Made from the house of Lil Buddha, the Organic goat milk soap is handcrafted. All herbal ingredients are sourced from the Himalayas. There are no traces of any chemicals which may harm the skin.

Many users love the creamy, soft, and gentle texture of the soap. However, it is not a tear-free baby soap, which is not welcomed by some users.


  1. Ultra Moisturizing Baby Wash

If you search for gentle baby wash free from toxins, choose the ultra moisturizing baby wash from Cetaphil. The baby wash is made of organic oil blends. Using on body and scalp of the little one is good. It is a tear-free product. The moisturizing baby wash does not contain parabens, colorant, and mineral oils. It is tested hypoallergenic.

Organic calendula is the primary ingredient, which has a calming effect. It gives an excellent rinse to the scalp and skin, makes the skin soft. Apart from cleansing, it also helps in hydrating the skin. The baby wash has a beautiful and mild fragrance without causing any irritation. The deep moisturizing wash is dermatologist tested and clinically approved.

The consistency is thicker than a regular baby wash and lathers well on the skin.

Finding a good, chemical free baby wash is difficult. There are many happy customers to this excellent baby bath product.

  1. Tear-Free Natural Baby Wash

Tear-Free Natural Baby Wash is yet another powerful baby bath care product from Moms Co. A gentle tear-free baby wash formulated with all natural ingredients. It is formulated with natural oils and coconut-based cleansers.

Baby’s skin loses moisture faster than other adult’s skin. This baby wash is made especially for the infant’s skin to clean the surface and retain the moisture. The organic oil blends include argan oil, and aloe vera gel provides that extra moisturizing effect. Chamomile oil and Calendula oil soothes the baby skin. It is tested hypoallergenic and suits even ultra sensitive skin.

The tear-free baby wash gently cleans the baby skin. The baby does not get any stinging sensation after a bath.

Most of the customers love the chemical free baby wash, which smells good, makes the skin soft, has the calming effect and provides extra nourishment. A couple of users stated that the baby wash slightly has a cooling effect, which may not be suitable for a few babies.

Make the baby bath time ritual free from tears and fun. Buy the organic baby products and ensure that your little one is safe and healthy.


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