Best Newborn Baby Sleeping Jhula in India

Searching for the Best Newborn Baby Sleeping Jhula in India? We list the top 10 of them depending on their various features, baby safety and customer satisfaction. Read on.

Deciding on the perfect bassinet or jhula for your newborn baby can very quickly turn into a humongous and overwhelming task, given the many choices in the market. But when you consider the ideal sleeping jhula for the new addition to your family, there are some essential questions that you must ask yourself.

Do you require a changing table?

Is a swing really worth the amount of space it’s going to take up?

How important is it for you or your baby to have a rocking chair?

Based on these questions and many others, you can decide on the kind of sleeping bed you wish for your baby to have. Newborns tend to sleep quite a lot which is why it becomes even more important to consider their sleeping space with a clear head.

However, also when you know for sure whether you’re going to buy a hammock, a palna, a bassinet, an electronic jhula or a wooden jhula, the choices on the online e-commerce stores can quickly daunt you into making the wrong decision.

That said, you do not have to worry any longer as this comprehensive blog post will list out the top 10 best newborn baby sleeping jhula in India that you can pick from according to your fancy. Let’s check them out!


10. Little Contemporary Pink Velvet Baby Bedding Set

This baby bedding set sold by Cloudtail India is a bestseller on Amazon. The pink velvet color is perfect for your baby to sleep peacefully in without any discomfort.

It comes in several colors besides pink such as blue, magenta, orange, peach and sky blue so you can choose your favorite bedding set. This basic bedding set is ideal if your primary motive is the baby’s comfort.

Some other features of the bedding set include:

  • Comfortable and soft
  • Foldable and compact
  • Mosquito net attached
  • Suitable for babies from 0-12 months’ old

Best Newborn Baby Sleeping Jhula in India


9.BAYBEE Baby Bed Cum Cot Little Hut Portable Playpen Travel Cot

This baby bed cum cot comes in green and red colors and is the perfect place for your little one to both rest and play. The cot in itself is extremely attractive-looking, and in addition to that, durability is another factor why you must consider this cot.

It comes with a portable playpen and a secure sleeping bed so that your baby can relax in its space, regardless of whether it is awake or asleep. There are countless reasons for you to buy this baby sleeping cot, some of which are as follows:

  • It is EN71 certified ensures stringent care about the safety of this sleeping cot. Every little detail is given the highest consideration while designing and building this cot for the baby’s ultimate comfort and safety.
  • The baby bed can easily fold with the Playard for setting it up and taking it down easily. Hence, it is very compact and foldable.
  • The removable bassinet that comes in full size is ideal for naps.
  • It also contains a toy bar that can feature different soft toys so that your baby stays amused throughout.
  • The fabric is also ‘wipe clean,’ making it a hassle-free purchase.

Best Newborn Baby Sleeping Jhula in India


8. Multipro Baby Cradle Ghodiyu Swing Palna – Folding, Portable, Collapsible for Infants

 The Multipro swing palna for newborns is an attractive choice for many for more than one reason. For starters, it is highly durable and keeps the utmost safety of the baby in mind as the highest consideration. It comes in a soft blue color that is soothing to the eyes.

Also, in addition to being portable and easily foldable, it is also collapsible for the newborn babies. Some other features of the cradle palna are as follows:

  • Light, foldable, compact, portable and collapsible baby cradle
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Quick to set up
  • Silent and smooth swing for newborn babies
  • Traditional Indian style palna design
  • No tools are required to assemble it

Best Newborn Baby Sleeping Jhula in India

7. Mee Mee Pink Baby Cradle with Mosquito Net, Swing and Storage Basket

The pink Mee Mee Baby Cradle is an ideal choice for all those parents who are looking for the ultimate comfort for their newborn baby. It is a convenient choice for the baby that comes in a very appealing pink color.

Features of the product are:

  • Can be readily utilized up to three years from birth
  • Is built from premium quality and sturdy metal that lasts long
  • Comes with a mosquito net that is perfect for shielding the baby from insects
  • A swinging function that can be enjoyed by infants

Best Newborn Baby Sleeping Jhula in India

6. LuvLap C-50M Multipurpose Wooden Baby Cot with A Large Mattress (Cherry Red)

This large cherry red wooden baby cot is not just appealing to the eyes but is a convenient choice for the baby too, given its multipurpose nature.

It is a bestselling product on Amazon that promises the ultimate comfort to a baby. You can buy it with a mattress or without one, and it also comes in different sizes. Therefore, you can purchase it as per your requirement.

Some other highlights include:

  • Certified according to the European standards
  • You can convert the cot into a cradle in a hassle-free way.
  • Built out of Pinewood with a polished finish
  • Recommended age is 0-12 months

Best Wooden baby Jhula in India

5. R for Rabbit Lullabies – Swing Cradle with Gentle Automatic Swing for Newborn Baby (Cream)

The R for Rabbit Lullabies Swing Cradle Set for babies comes in cream and blue color that is both a pleasant and an excellent option. The reason why you must opt for this product is the plethora of customer reviews from happy customers on Amazon.

In addition to that, it offers an enviable range of features such as:

  • It is EN certified according to the European standards.
  • It has a manual and automatic swing mechanism with a five-speed motor.
  • Comes with a smart timer or a smart on/off technology that you can schedule according to your need
  • Volume controller and soothing music to lull your baby into sleep at any time of the day.

Best automatic cradle in India

4. Orril Foldable Kick and Play Crib for Baby Cum Baby Bedding Set Cum Palna with A Mosquito Net (Multi-Colored)

This playful palna cum bedding set by Orril is the perfect partner for your newborn baby. It is multicolored and brings a lot of joy and warmth to the baby’s room. It has a 5 rating on Amazon with rave reviews.

Some highlights include:

  • Finest quality material with a slight variation in the print
  • An attached mosquito net to keep the insects at bay and ensure a peaceful sleep for your little one
  • Adaptable and acceptable for the age group of 0-2 years

Best automatic cradle in India

3. R for Rabbit Hide and Seek with A Smart Folding Red Beige Baby Bed Cum Cot

This smart folding red-beige baby bed cum cot from R for rabbit is the perfect companion for your newborn baby this year. The color is as attractive as the comfort level of this bed cum cot, and your baby is sure to have a good time in this bedding set.

Other features include:

  • Best ventilation with Airmesh on all the sides
  • An additional layer of Bassinet and mattress that is ideal for your baby to sleep in
  • Can be turned into a cot or a bed
  • Adapts to the requirements of your baby
  • Comes with legs and wheels and so can be quickly moved around the house

Best cradle swing in India

2. Gray Baby Bed from LuvLap Star Shine

The gray-colored baby bed from LuvLap Star Shine is an excellent companion for every parent and their little one. It also has the EN standard certification with a comfortable mattress that can get your baby some restful sleep.

Some of the best features of this baby bed are as follows:

  • Attached mesh that prevents mosquitoes or other insects from getting in
  • Stable legs that can stop the baby bed from falling
  • A comfortable mattress of 2 cm
  • Frame made of steel that gives stability and safety to the baby bed

Best Newborn Baby Sleeping Jhula in India

  1. Baybee Angel-Hug Rocker Cum Bassinet Cradle with Mosquito Net, Wheels and Canopy

    And we saved for you the best for the last! This rocker cum bassinet cradle for infants from Baybee is a class apart. It comes with a luxurious canopy and wheels for comfort and smooth movement. Its high rating and rave reviews on Amazon make it a preferred choice for most parents.

    The features include:

    • EN 716 certified, ensuring the utmost safety for your baby
    • Made from a metal alloy with 100% eco-friendly materials and a sturdy frame
    • Extra spacious and cushioned interior for the baby’s comfort
    • Ideal for use inside the house and out

    Best Newborn Baby Sleeping Jhula in India

Bottom Line

Becoming parents can often be an overwhelming and intimidating feeling, and this is precisely why it shouldn’t be difficult to buy the perfect baby bed for your little one. This comprehensive top 10 list ensures that you can pick any product and guarantee comfort for your child!


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