11 Best Feeding Bottles for Babies in India

There is no dispute in the fact that when it comes to feeding a baby, there is nothing better than breastmilk. However, a baby feeding bottle can serve as a handy accessory for the success of long-term breastfeeding. Irrespective of whether you are feeding formula to your baby or pumping your breast to feed him/her your milk, a feeding bottle is an indispensable product to possess for your baby. In this article, we are listing out the Best Feeding Bottles for Babies in India for your consideration.

But, before that, choosing the right bottle for your baby is pertinent. Some aspects that you must consider when buying a feeding bottle for your baby are:

  • Your baby should like it.
  • Breastfed babies usually have low colic. An incorrect air passage can create colic. Hence, it is essential to have a proper air passage through the anti-colic system.
  • The feeding bottle you choose must be easy to assemble and clean so that it doesn’t turn into a cumbersome chore for the new mother.

Keeping these points in mind, we have put together a list of the 11 best feeding bottles for babies in India that are bound to appeal to different mothers and babies alike.

Let’s check them out!

11 best feeding bottles for babies in India


1. Philips Avent Natural Feeding Bottle 260ml (Clear, Pack of 2)

The Philips Avent Natural Feeding Bottle for babies is a great choice to make when looking for a feeding bottle for your newborn bundle of happiness.

This affordable feeding bottle comes in a clear packing of 2 bottles. It also has great reviews on Amazon, owing to its inexpensive price and excellent quality.

Best Feeding Bottles for Babies in India


  • Made in the UK
  • BPA free
  • Advanced anti-colic valve
  • 2 Feeding bottles of 260 ml each
  • Ergonomic and extra comfortable shape
  • Easy to hold for the baby, even in his/her tiny hands


2. Pigeon Peristaltic Medium Nipple KPP Nursing Bottle (240ml, White)

The Pigeon Peristaltic Medium Nipple KPP Nursing Bottle is another excellent choice to make from this list of baby feeding bottles. Its fantastic set of features is ideal for any baby.

It also comes in a pack of 1 piece, 2piece, and 3piece so you can buy them according to your requirement. Let’s check out its additional set of features!

 Best Feeding Bottles for Babies in India


  • Stress-free drinking
  • Slim neck
  • BPS and BPA free
  • Comes with a medium-sized nipple
  • Encourages the baby to use a natural sucking pattern
  • 240 ml plastic feeding bottle


3. Chicco Wellbeing 250ml Medium Flow Blue Feeding Bottle

Chicco is a well-known name when it comes to selling feeding bottles for babies and an excellent reason. This product by Chicco Wellbeing is a 250ml medium flow feeding bottle in a blue color.

This bottle can be the perfect accompaniment for your child. Sold by Cloudtail India, it has excellent reviews and ratings on Amazon which is a further testament to the quality of this product.

Best Feeding Bottles for Babies in India


  • Interchangeable physiological teat
  • Completely BPA free
  • Made from Polypropylene
  • Recommended by moms due to its extra elastic and soft nipple
  • The advanced anti-colic valve that is designed to prevent the swallowing of air


4. Mee Mee Eazy Flo 125ml Premium Baby Green Feeding Bottle

Mee Mee is a popular brand among moms when buying products for their newborn babies. This feeding bottle by Mee Mee is no different.

It is a popular choice among mothers because of its safe design and international quality. Moreover, it has a 5-star rating on Amazon, further attesting to its pristine quality.

Best Feeding Bottles for Babies in India


  • No leakage and extremely travel-friendly, even when you carry or tilt the bottle
  • Easy to store and clean
  • Multi-functional design for the baby’s ease of use
  • You can fill the bottle with any kind of nutritious liquid like water, milk, formula or even juice.
  • BPA-free, 100% soft silicone teat
  • Tasteless and odorless teat so that all your baby tastes is the liquid in the bottle
  • Made from international quality, non-toxic polypropylene plastic for durability and safety


5. Chhote Saheb 290ml Baby Feeding Bottle Orange In Stainless Steel 0 – 2 Years With Thermal Insulation

This stainless steel feeding bottle for babies comes in an attractive orange color. This bottle looks as appealing as the actual quality of this product. It is best suited for children between 0-2 years and comes with thermal insulation too.

Moreover, it is a very affordable product despite its premium quality so you can easily buy it for your baby without a second thought.

Best Feeding Bottles for Babies in India


  • Non-leaching
  • Long lasting, maintenance-free calibrated from the inside to ensure a perfect measure for each feed
  • A baby can feed without any interruptions or gasps for air. Therefore, it is a very breath-easy bottle.
  • 290ml stainless steel baby feeding bottle
  • Anti-colic, antibacterial stainless steel and BPA free, made from food grade propylene material


6. Chicco Bi-Pack 250ml Blue & Green Feeding Bottle

And Chicco is back on the list with its blue & green feeding bottle! This is one of the most popular and most bought products on Amazon due to its exceptional quality and the highest considerations for safety.

Moreover, despite the premium quality, it does not burn a hole in your pocket,and the attractive colors make for a soothing sight for babies.

Best Feeding Bottles for Babies in India


  • Chicco Feeding Bottles in a pack of 2 (250ml each)
  • Bi-pack for more than 2 months
  • Medium flow
  • 181 g weight so that your baby can use it easily without any hassles
  • Premium quality product


7.  Toyboy Thermal Insulation 290ml Stainless Steel Orange Baby Feeding Bottle

The Toyboy Thermal Insulation 290ml Stainless Steel feeding bottle comes in a very appealing orange color. It is as attractive to the eyes as it is durable.

You can also buy it in a blue color according to the color your baby fancies. The product comes with a full range of features that are as follows:

Best baby Feeding Bottles in India


  • Product size – W (6) Cm with a height of 18 Cm including the nipple
  • Silicone nipple and stainless steel bottle
  • The peristaltic teats help in redirecting the air and keeping it away from the contents of the bottle. This allows the baby to continue drinking continuously without gasping for air and without drinking in the bubbles
  • Easy cleaning because of the disassembly design
  • The cup cover ensures a clean and safe nipple


8. Baby Feeding Bottles | Stainless Steel Baby Bottle | Nursing Bottle – 300ml

This stainless steel nursing bottle for babies is by far the most attractive-looking feeding bottle on this list. It comes in a 300ml bottle with all the safety features attached to it for a comfortable feeding experience for the child. Furthermore, it has excellent customer ratings on Amazon from happy users.

Best Feeding Bottles for Babies


  • Size – 17 cm
  • Product capacity – 300 ml
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Best and safe alternative to plastic feeding bottles
  • Silver-colored stainless steel bottle including a white-colored nipple
  • The bottle’s lid and body are crafted from antibacterial, safe and premium quality stainless steel.
  • The nipple is made up of medical grade silicone of high quality.


9. Fisher-Price Squeezy Silicone 125ml Pink Food Feeder

This pink-colored food feeding bottle for babies is an attractive option to feed your newborn’s delight. It comes at a very cost-effective price, without skimping on the quality of the product. Some of its best features include:

Best Feeding Bottles for Babies in India


  • Pink color
  • Silicone material
  • One food feeder bottle
  • Meant for babies of 6 months and above


10. Baybee Premium 240ml Baby Glass Blue Feeding Bottle

The Baybee Premium 240ml Baby Glass Blue Feeding Bottle is an ideal alternative to breast milk for your child. It gives the baby an exceptional feeding experience, leaving him/her thoroughly satisfied with the feed.

In addition to that, it comes with a wide range of attractive features.

Feeding Bottles


  • Comes with a cap to ensure a clean and hygienic bottle mouth
  • Insulated design makes sure that the milk stays warm and the transition from the bottles remains easy
  • Helps larger feeding for longer intervals
  • Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean
  • EN 14350 certified to ensure the highest safety standards
  • Advanced anti-colic valve with an ergonomic design
  • Made up of non-toxic and 100% premium quality glass


11. Chinmay Kids 3-in-1 Milk Bottle High-Quality Blue Baby Feeding Bottle Thermos Bottle Handle Stainless Steel Anti-Flatulence Nipple Straw

We saved the best for the last! This 3-in-1 milk bottle with an anti-flatulence nipple straw and stainless steel body is a baby’s best friend when it comes to feeding.

It comes with a cup cover to ensure the safety and hygiene of the mouth of the bottle. It also comes in an attractive blue color and an ergonomic design.

Best Feeding Bottles for Babies in India


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Anti-colic valve
  • Comfort petals
  • Natural-feeling nipples


Bottom Line:

These are some of the best baby feeding bottles in the market today. We understand that feeding your child can become quite a complicated task each day and choosing the right feeding bottle even more so, what with the plethora of products available online today.

However, this is a comprehensive and all-inclusive list of baby feeding bottles for your newborn child. You can choose any of these bottles to ensure an exceptional feeding experience for your baby. So, what are you waiting for? Buy the best feeding bottle for your baby now!


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