Best Cloth Cradle for Babies in India

With most experts and pediatrics in India confirming the fact that cloth cradles are the safest option for babies, the next big concern and a matter of confusion for new parents seem to be, “Which Cloth Cradle is Best for My Baby?” While it is for YOU to make the final choice, here is a quick review of the best cloth cradle for babies in India, along with the few good ones as well to help you make a well-informed decision.

Best Hanging Cloth Cradles/Jhulas

These traditional hanging cloth cradles or hammock-like jhulas are fashioned from long soft cotton fabric, normally saree or dhoti. The ends can be tied to the ceiling beams or staircase.

Experts believe that these hammocks are good for swaddling, an age-old technique that makes the baby feel sheltered and secure and prevents the infant from the risk of a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome abbreviated as SIDS.

Moreover, by rolling out of the hammock close to the floor, it cuts the chances of your baby getting hurt. These cloth hammocks are also great for providing perfect support to baby’s spine and neck. Usually it can be an issue with the modern straight-backed cribs and beds.


1- Jack & Jill Baby Hanging Cradle Jhula With Mosquito Net

If you are living in flats and looking for a space-saving Jhula for your newborn baby, this hanging cloth cradle is a great option for you.

It is entirely designed in a knitted fabric.  Tthe soft, safe and skin-friendly base of this Jhula is perfect for the fragile body. For babies up to 10kg, it is sturdy enough to hold them easily.

best cloth cradle for babies

In addition, being 100% washable, you can stop worrying about the hygiene of your baby or the cradle smelling of wet cloth. The best thing about this cradle jhula however, is the attached mosquito net. Hence, giving a safe protection to your baby’s body from malaria and dengue.

Also, it makes the Jhula a perfect choice even for outdoor use like in parks, trains, buses, etc. So, all those mothers who carry their little ones to work; you can now do so easily.

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2- Younique Baby Cradle

An affordable choice for those of you looking for an all-in-one cloth baby cradle for your newborn baby,  the Younique Baby Cradle has everything you can ever imagine.

It uses a  premium quality, soft, smooth and skin-friendly fabric. This baby cradle is an ideal choice for 0-1-year-old babies.

best cloth cradle for babies

The cradle comes attached with a snug and comfortable bed.  The hanging baby cloth cradle holds your baby in a relaxed and safe sleeping position while reducing the risk of SIDS.

Moreover, unlike standard spring cradles, the Younique Baby Cradle comes with a strong spring with a hook. It features a hood, to provide the required support and warmth to your baby’s delicate head.

The mosquito net protects your baby from mosquitoes and bug bites. Especially the nets come in handy for outdoors.

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3- Orange and Orchid Baby Cradle

The best way to help your newborn enjoy a safe, comfortable and enjoyable sleep is to choose the right baby cradle for them. The bright Orange and Orchid printed designer Baby Cradle is something your newborn would love to gaze at while being gently rocked to sleep.

best cloth cradle for babies

A highly recommended baby Jhula, this cloth cradle is designed of superior quality cotton fabric to form a comfortable bed for your baby’s fragile body.

An ideal choice for holding babies up to 12kg, this baby cloth cradle comes attached with spring set to rock your baby to sleep comfortably. Also included is a mosquito net to protect your baby from mosquito and bug bites.

This cloth cradle is highly recommended especially for frequently traveling mothers.  Its snug design makes it easy to carry even into a Pierre Cardin Trolley or American Tourister suitcase.

You may, however, need an extra 0.5 – 1-meter steel or rope chain, to hang the setup from a ceiling and adjust the height to your desired level.

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Best Cloth Cradles with Stand

As against the traditional hanging cloth cradles for babies, the flat base modern cloth cradle with stand is an excellent choice for tending babies. It is extremely useful for feeding or diaper changes during the night.

This cradle is also of great help when you are all alone and have to busy with your multiple tasks. Without having to worry about the baby rolling out, cloth cradle with stands is the safest option.

Cloth cradles with stand is a perfect combination of simplicity, safety, and fashion.  The design provides your baby a cozy and safe sleeping environment. Compact in design, they come with wheels, allowing you to move them wherever you want.

As additional safety features, also included are safety rear wheel brakes, which ensure that the cradle remains exactly where you had placed it. Moreover, the safety lock function limits the cradle from excessive tilting while rocking, keeping your baby entirely safe and secure.


1- Multipro Indian Style Ghodiyu Swing Cradle

A close replica of the traditional Ghodiyu (originated in Gujarat, India), this lightweight Multipro Indian Style Ghodiyu Swing Cradle is just the thing for those of you looking for a conventional cloth cradle in modern looks.

Multipro swing cradle is an excellent option for parents frequently on the move. They are easily portable and quick to assemble and disassemble.

best cloth cradle for babies

The typical ghodiyu design of this Indian style swing cradle is widely popular. It is among the bestsellers. It has a low center of gravity. Hence, it makes the ghodiyu easy to swing the baby back and forth, with the help of a long attached string.

Multipro Ghodiyu Swings are constructed from durable & corrosion resistant stainless steel pipe frames. Hence, they are fully foldable swing cradle is an ultimate choice to help your baby develop healthy sleeping habits.

The ghodiyu is light enough for air travel.  It is available in vibrant color themes and captivating appearance with a cool cotton cloth canopy. Also, included is a safety net, for protecting your baby against mosquito and insects.

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2- A to Z Hub Baby Cradle N Swing

Yet another highly recommended Indian ghodiyu style hammock, the A to Z Hub Baby Cradle N Swing is completely safe for your newborn.

best cloth cradle for babies
It is a good choice for both baby girl and boy up to 3 years old.  The cradle is space-saving, easily portable and foldable. So it is comfortable for you to carry in your car or flight and set it up outdoors.

A to Z Hub Baby Cradle N Swing is an ideal baby indoor/outdoor swing. The unique design of this cradle works great for premature babies. It avoids the flat-head syndrome, colic cases, SIDS and improves digestion for healthy sleeping habits.

The ghodiyu style baby cradle is a durable stainless steel frame with premium quality cloth hammock. It is an excellent choice for your carefree picnics, get-togethers and family trips with your little one. It makes your baby feel right at home.

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3- Kaushalendra Indian Style Stainless Steel Cradle (Fully Foldable):

The Indian style swing cradle comes in a vibrant pink colour. It can be an excellent distraction to keep your baby engaged, while you continue with your house chores or office work.

The sturdy and corrosion-resistance stainless steel pipe frames gives a smooth finish. And, the cradle is safe for your little one.

best cloth cradle for babies

Also, being fully foldable and easy to assemble, you no more need to compromise on your get-together and outdoor picnics.  You can easily carry the cradle along.

Kaushalendra Swing includes a mosquito net to protect your baby from mosquito and bug bites, especially you are outdoors.

The most impressive feature is the flatbed with a padded and quilted bottom. It ensures a safe, warm and cozy sleeping environment for your baby.

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