Best Baby Food Warmers For Travelling

Do you find it tough to keep your baby’s milk and food warm enough and at the perfect temperature for feeding it to him/her? Are you feeling worn out by the constant screaming of your baby for milk or food but you cannot feed it yet because it is cold and that might give your baby a stomach ache? It is precisely where food warmers come to the rescue if you are out of your home. Hence,we give you the Best Baby Food Warmers For Travelling.

Food warmers bags have been used by mothers for a long time to ensure that their baby’s milk and food remains warm and at the right temperature to be able to feed it to them the correct way. Countless mothers swear by baby food warmers and believe that it is, indeed, the best discovery made by humanity till date.

Travelling with babies can be a hassle in India, especially if you are taking a long journey via road or train. In such situations, you have to ensure that you have fresh and warm milk for your baby so that he/she does not become cranky during the trip and enjoy it.

Therefore, we present you a list of the best baby food warmers  for travelling in India that will be your permanent companion in your travels with your baby. Let’s also check out the best baby food warmers for travelling that will save you the trouble of seeing your baby crying or fussy during those problematic travelling days.

For your convenience, we separated them into 4 sections

  1. Best baby food warmers bags
  2. Best travel baby bottle warmers in India
  3. Electric milk bottle warmers
  4. Feeding bottle warmer bags.

Check them out to make the right choice!

Best Baby Food Warmer Bags:

1. New Portable Bag By DZQA For Feeding Baby

Best Baby Food Warmer Bags

This portable baby feeding bag by DZQA is perfect for you if you want to keep the food for your baby warm and fresh. It has some great product features. Let’s check them out!


  • The material used in this bag is the environmental aluminum film to keep it warm from the inside.
  • The dimensions are 22X15X16 cm (L x W x H).
  • It is available in many colors like deep blue, grey, white, etc.
  • It gives you a 100% high-quality guarantee.


2. The Premium Cartoon Getko Tiffin

Best Baby Food Warmer Bags

The Getko Cartoon Tiffin bag is a fantastic product and also has an attractive cartoon design that makes it perfect for being a baby product. Check out its features that will help you make an informed decision!



  • Adept at preserving heat
  • Has an insulated foam, so your food retains its original temperature
  • Has dimensions of 22X15X16.5 cm (LXWXH)
  • Includes a cooler bag for milk bottles to keep the milk fresh
  • Can accommodate 6 large milk bottles without any problems
  • It is made up of tin foil and canvas.
  • It includes one Cooler bag/Thermal Lunch warmer.
  • Cute, simple and fashionable design
  • It is very handy and easy to carry.


Best Travel Baby Bottle Warmers in India


1. Single Feeding Bottle Warmer by Baby Dreams

Best Baby Food Warmers For Traveling
The Baby Dreams MBD Feeding Bottle Warmer is an amazing product to keep your baby’s feeding bottle and its contents warm. Be it a short tour or a road trip; you can use this beautiful feeding bottle warmer to keep the baby food warm and fit for consumption. The bottle warmer has many features that will impress you.

  • Perfect for standard sized bottles
  • Insulated bottle warmer for maintaining the temperature
  • Easy to carry with durable handles
  • Keeps the bottle warm for four hours
  • Beautifully designed pink colored bottle warmer
  • Maximum capacity of two fifty milliliters bottle


2. Multi-Purpose two bottle holders by Chinmay Kids

Best Baby Food Warmers For Traveling

If you ever wanted a multi-purpose bag that could hold bottles for your baby and keep them warm and also allow you to carry other necessities, then this bottle holder by Chinmay Kids is the one you need.

With compartments for carrying other essential items as well as two bottle holders, you can quickly bring it anywhere you go without any hassle. The holder has several features that make it stand out from the rest.

  • Spacious compartments with zips for keeping the item safe
  • Comes with a baby diaper changing bag
  • Two bottle holders to keep the bottles safe and the content warm
  • Has four pockets and one compartment to fit everything important

3. Baby Feeding bottle cover for Philips Avent by Guru Kripa Baby Products

Best Baby Food Warmers For Traveling Best Travel Baby Bottle Warmers in India

Philips Avent baby bottles are trendy, and if you have one, then you will inevitably need to pair it with this bottle cover by Guru Kripa. Specially designed for Philips Avent bottles, this cover keeps the bottles safe from any damage and helps you easily carry it anywhere. Some of its features are:

  • Fits Philip Avent bottles from two sixty milliliters to three thirty milliliters
  • The stretchable material makes it easy to fit in bottles
  • Strap inbuilt for handling the cover better
  • Superior cushion to protect the bottle and its contents


4. Cover for two-liter bottles by Suredeal

Best Travel Baby Bottle Warmers in India

During tours and trips handling two-liter bottles might be a challenge and keeping the contents at a reasonable temperature is an issue that is very important. To solve this problem the Suredeal cover for two liters bottle is the perfect solution. It can accommodate all bottles of the mentioned capacity.

Made of high-quality material this cover can keep the contents of the bottle cool for several hours. The useful features of this cover make it worth the price;

  • Can hold all bottles of two-liter capacity
  • Keeps the bottle cool for several hours and maintains the temperature
  • Strap handle for better handling
  • Can be used for travel or home purposes


Electric Milk Bottle Warmers

1. Dual Bottle Electric Steam Warmer by Ole Baby

Electric Milk Bottle Warmers in India

If you ever wanted a sterilizer that could heat your baby food and also keep it warm then the Dual Bottle Electric Steam Warmer brought to you by Ole Baby is the perfect option. Ole Baby is a trusted brand globally, and this product from them is an amazing one.

It can sterilize your baby’s bottles, heat up the contents and also keeps it warm. Designed to be travel-friendly and operate without any hassle.

  • Three level thermostats in compliance with German standards along with automatic shut off feature
  • Holds two bottles of two fifty milliliters each
  • Comes with OTC heating technology from Japan and has a practical removal clip
  • It can sterilize baby bottles, heat the contents of the bottle and also keep it warm


2. Philips Avent Bottle Warmer SCF355/06

Electric Milk Bottle Warmers in India

This bottle warmer from Philips is a must have product if you want a hassle-free bottle warmer. The warmer heats up the bottles and makes sure it is done evenly. You can also use this to defrost frozen baby food or milk. It is super easy to handle and operate making it a suitable for a companion for your baby’s bottle.

The Philips Avent bottle warmer has many features that make it one of the best bottle warmer in the market.

  • Warm bottles safely and quickly n just three minutes
  • Use the bottle warmer to defrost frozen food since it is faster than defrosting it under water
  • Compatible with all significant bottles available in the market
  • Easy to operate and handle using a dial for all the operations


3. Electric Bottle Warmer by Philips AventBest Electric Milk Bottle Warmers in India
Electric Milk Bottle Warmers in India

The Electric Bottle Warmer by Philips Avent is one of the best in the market. From the house of Philips, this warmer has a number of functions that make it an amazing piece of utility. You can use this to warm your baby bottles as well as baby food. Easy to use and operate, this warmer is a must buy if you want an easy way to have your baby food in the best condition.

  • Compatible with all Philips Avent bottles and any quantity
  • Easy to operate with a knob to select your setting and also a warming reference table to help you in operating the warmer
  • Quickly and evenly warm the milk by circulating the milk continuously
  • Apart from warming, it also keeps the milk warm for whenever you need it
  • By gently warming the contents you get to preserve the nutrients of the food


4. Three Bottle Electric Warmer by Ole Baby

Electric Milk Bottle Warmers

This three bottle electric warmer for Ole Baby is perfect for you if you need a warmer for heavy use. This product not only warms the baby bottles but also sterilizes and heats food for your baby. Easy to operate and handle the warmer from Ole Baby is a must buy. It has several features which make it such a great product.

  • Holds three bottles at a time of two fifty milliliters capacity
  • With high-temperature steam sterilization, this warmer can thoroughly sterilize the bottles
  • Multifunctional since it can heat up baby food as well


Feeding Bottle Warmer Bags


1. 3D Pop Out Toy Portable Thermal Warmer bag by Ole Baby

Feeding Bottle Warmer Bag

This beautiful and pretty thermal water bag is perfect for you if you wish to keep your baby food warm. It makes it very easy to carry bottles for your baby and keep them protected from external damage and keep the contents warm.

This warmer bag has many features that make it a good product.

  • Holds bottles of up to two fifty milliliters capacity
  • Made with high-quality, water-resistant polymer
  • Keeps the baby bottles warm for up to four hours
  • Inbuilt handle for easy to carry around


2. Camera 240ml Feeding Bottle by N&M

Feeding Bottle Warmer Bags in India

With this new feeding bottle with sipper and a straw feeding, your baby will never be stressful again. With a design that makes it easy to clean and allows for better handling, this feeding bottle is a great product. This bottle has a peristaltic nipple that makes it easier for the baby to drink from the bottle. Some of the features are:

  • Uniquely designed cup for easy disassembling and cleaning
  • Ergonomic design to let the baby hold it without any discomfort
  • The peristaltic nipples help in redirecting the air and keep it away from the milk preventing the baby from gasping for breath or ingesting air
  • Comes with advanced anti-colic valve


3. Cover for two-liter bottles by Suredeal

Feeding Bottle Warmer Bags

This beautiful bottle cover is an excellent way to carry your bottle everywhere you go without any hassle. Made from sturdy materials this cover will protect your bottle and keep the contents warm for up to six hours.

The features of this product are:

  • Made from good quality materials
  • Can fit a two-liter bottle
  • Holds the bottle warm for six hours
  • Handle for comfortable carry during travelling


4. Infant bottle storage and warmer by Bey Bee

Feeding Bottle Warmer Bags

This bottle holder has a beautiful teddy attached to it which will surely make your baby smile. The holder is made of high-quality materials and thus keeps the baby bottle warm and protects it from dust and scratches. The features of this bottle holder are:

  • Easy cleaning and for carrying during travelling
  • Colorful and designed with teddies
  • Comfortable and soft with zips


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