21 Best Baby Proofing (Safety) Products in India

If you are a mom, to consider these baby proofing products in India can be beneficial to you and your baby.

It is also true that welcoming a child is an excellent source of happiness. Nevertheless, it is no secret that it changes your life considerably. Peace of mind becomes rare because you are continually thinking about the baby. It knows neither day nor night. All it expects is a perfect world.

Who will make this cruel world flawless for the kid? It is no one else but you. There are things you do to ensure that. Do you keep tiptoeing to its room in the middle of the night to see if the child is okay? You are not alone. Most of the mothers do that.

As much as that is the case, you may not always be punctual. If you get too engaged with another chore, its existence might slip your mind for a second or two. Suddenly, your best furniture turns out to be your worst enemy. The kids are crying on top of its voice. It turns out that the corners were too sharp for the child to withstand. That is not the only thing that poses a danger to a child.

There are knives, a flight of stairs, cleaning products and openings. Do not forget that your child is not aware of the hazards. Also, remember that bad things happen too fast. Should parenting be that stressful, demanding and hard? You must have asked yourself the query over and over again.

What if someone told you that the answer is a resounding no? There is a way to keep your baby safe and have peace of mind at the same time. The approach may change the look of your beautiful house for the worst, but it is worth taking. After all, the kid will grow up, eventually. What should you do for the safety of your child? This article comes bearing great news to you and your colleagues. It discusses 21 baby proofing products in India. Check it out!

21 Baby Proofing Products in India – Every Mother Must Have

  1. Bed rail for baby

A bed rail is an ideal safety measure when it comes to the bedroom. To some extent, even adults consider them. When it comes to people with physical and mental issues, it is also a necessity.

Toddler beds simplify getting in and out of bed. On the other hand, the bed rail for baby India assists in that and also prevents falling. Read on for reasons why it is necessary to secure one.

The importance of the bed rail for baby includes the following: Falling will be a thing of the past. The kid can get in and out of bed quickly. You will always be at ease when your child is asleep. The kid also sleeps comfortably without fear of falling. If it has a pouch, the toys and other things will stay organized and accessible.

  1. Edge and corner guards

The edge and corner guards have many names including edge padding and corner cushion. There are many sharp corners around the home. They include hearths, bed frames, dressers, drawers, and tables. With babies, even your beautiful coffee table can become a nightmare. Kids start to not only move but also stand on their own. During the process, they may fall over the sharp corners and edges.

Are you tired of bruises and bumps while the kid tries to pull the table or pick something from the floor? Then you should buy edge and corner guards India. They are small. However, the effectiveness is impressive.

Prevention is better than cure which makes the baby proofing product worth considering. If you think that it will be a bother, then you are in for a rude shock. Installation is a piece of cake. For visiting kids, there are temporary ones. If it is for your children, grab those that stay for some time.

  1. Furniture anti-tip bracket

You should never underestimate the will of your child. Once they start walking, they start assuming that everything is mobile. Surprisingly, some move but they shouldn’t be moved. Don’t wait for an accident to occur for you to realize that the kid is strong. Do you have any furniture that can topple over? A furniture anti-tip will hold those things in place.

It is one of the latest product among the 21 baby proofing products in India. The heavy appliances such as stereo, big flat screen TV, cabinets as well as bookshelves need fastening. Do not forget the changing tables and the tall dressers.

Can you imagine the aftermath of such weight on your baby? Others can trap the child and suffocate it to death. To avoid that, consider a furniture anti-tip bracket. They are sturdy enough to withstand even an earthquake.

  1. Childproof stove guard

Unless you have an induction stove, the child-proof stove guard is a must-have. Curiosity killed the cat no doubt. However, how do you tell your tot that and make him or her understand? If you can, then well and good. Since I can bet that it won’t be the case, I will recommend this one as one of our 21 baby proofing products.

It ensures that it is impossible for the baby to turn on the stove unintentionally. You wouldn’t let your kid suffer the fate of the wrath of the fire. For that reason, you will consider the child-proof stove guard.

  1. Baby safety gates

Baby safety gates in India are very common. They have also been in existence for an extended period. For a storied building, staircases are apparent. As much as they are essential, they also pose a danger to the kid. Once they start crawling or moving around, it is time to install the safety gates. That is not the only place that you need them.

Some areas should also be out of bounds for kids, and they can help in ensuring that. They include laundry, basement, kitchen, and fireplace. They are also ideal for coming up with your kid’s play area.

  1. Baby fence play area

The baby fence play area is ideal for making a playpen. Consequently, your kid will play comfortably and remain safe as well. When it comes to playpens, it is only a matter of time before they become useless.

Once the child is big, you will need a play yard which is relatively big. In both cases, a baby fence play area India will help a great deal.

  1. Door stoppers for toddlers

It is hard to omit door stoppers for toddlers in our list of baby proofing products. They act like heroes when a door slam is about to pinch the infant’s fingers.

Do you have self-closing doors? Is the child’s bedroom door easy to open? If you are nodding, ensure that you install them. The good thing is that they can help even as the child gets old.

Some things don’t stop as soon as the baby identifies the dangers. Even your teenage son or daughter would benefit from the same.

  1. Child lock for drawers in India

Most of the harmful items such as insecticides and cleaners stay on the top cabinets. That may be common, but not everyone puts them there.

If you are not among the majority, child lock for drawers in India is for you. When it comes to sharp objects like knives and scissors, the top cabinet may not be an option.

There are also detergents and medicines that stay down here. How do you see to it that your kid doesn’t gain access to such things? Make sure that you install child lock for drawers in India.

  1. Child safety tap locks

The child safety tap locks ensure that the baby doesn’t open the tap. That can prevent many issues. They include the kid drowning, flooding the house and high water bills.

Water on the floors can also make the floors slippery. As a result, you or your baby can slip and fall.

  1. Finger guards for toddlers

The finger guards for toddlers and the door stoppers for toddlers work similarly. As earlier mentioned in our discussion of 21 baby proofing products in India, door stoppers guard the fingers. As for the finger guards, they reduce the impact of door slamming on the tiny hands. That can reduce the pain.

  1. Childproof light switch guard

Why is a child-proof light switch guard among the must-have baby proofing products?  First, it is irritating to keep reprogramming controls activated by light every time because your baby flipped it accidentally. This product will prevent your child from operating the switches. In addition to that, it reduces unnecessary high electricity bills. It does much yet costs a few bucks and is easy to install. Therefore, do not hesitate to purchase one.

  1. Electrical cord shortener

Electricity hazards are unforgiving when it comes to adults. When it comes to kids it is not an exception. Sometimes, what your baby can do is to pull a cable or a cord. Consequently, he or she can pull even the electrical appliances.

Some like TVs have a significant weight that can harm them. Other accessories can electrify them. For instance, a water heat or iron box with the power on can do much harm. In other cases, your child can trip over. As a result, it can land on hard floors and hurt itself.

What about an example of an electrical cord strangling the toddler? That is why we recommend an electrical cord shortener among 21 baby proofing products in India. It will prevent all that harm.

  1. Choking tester tool

A choking hazard is one of the things you would not even wish to dream. Therefore, you should consider securing a chocking tester tool. It can help you identify small objects such as toys and toy parts that can lead to choking. Otherwise, the things you thought would make your child happy would destroy it instead. They can block the tot’s trachea making it hard if not impossible to breathe. That is enough to cause even death. It is high time that you purchase one as well.

  1. Toilet seat locks for babies

With toilet locks for babies can make parenthood easy. The life of many children is about exploration. That is great because they are new in this one and there is much to learn.

Once they are curious about something, they ensure that they know what it is. Toilets are such things. Toilet seat locks for babies will ensure that your baby does not open the lid. That way, they are not tempted to sit on it only to fall inside. His or her small hands will also not find themselves inside the dirty bowl because it is unhealthy and unhygienic.

In addition to that, the kid will not throw things that can block the toilet. A clogged toilet is frustrating, and the plumbing services are also expensive.

  1. Bathtub for babies

In most cases, the kid is too big to fit in a sink. On the other hand, it is minute, and the tub is huge for the child. Once it comes to that, a bathtub for babies can come to your rescue. Other than the size, it should also be soft. Otherwise, bumps will be frequent every time you shower the child.

The solution is – inflatable bathtub for babies. Its softness can guarantee to do away with bumps. However, don’t limit yourself to inflatable tubes. There are other products worth considering.

Regardless of what you settle for, ensure that it is right for your child. Let it have enough room for playing as well.

  1. Kneecap for crawling babies

Why is a kneecap for crawling babies another one of the top 21 baby proofing products India? Crawling is a stage that you as a mother usually wait eagerly. It is fun to watch your child do that considering how big the step is.

During hot days, a trouser or pajama is unnecessary. In fact, a diaper will do just fine. As much as crawling is a good idea, the knees can hurt and to some extent bleed if the floor is not smooth or it’s too hard.

If that was to be the case every time your kid tried to crawl, what will happen eventually? There are high chances that the kids will be discouraged to continue crawling. Consequently, it becomes hard to learn how to walk. Why not when crawling is the first step towards walking? Since you wouldn’t want that for your child, grab a kneecap.

  1. The baby head guard

You have to include this product in your must-have baby proofing products in India. The importance of a baby head guard India in indispensable. The numbers say it all. There are shocking statistics regarding the kids who suffer from severe head injuries. Some get better with time.

However, the lives of others change forever for the worst. In extreme cases, that becomes the end of their lives. I know that you wouldn’t want that for yourself. The way to avoid that is to buy a baby head guard India. It will ensure that bumps and head injuries are vocabularies in your child’s dictionary.

Every mom including you would love that. As for the babies, it is something they would highly appreciate. Let it help you in protecting your child.

  1. Baby bed safety guard

As the baby grows up, it reaches a time to leave the crib. That is because he can now fall or climb over the crib. Despite not being aware of the danger of doing that, the aftermath can be nasty. Moms move their kids to a toddler bed. That is also a short-term solution.

A time comes for your baby to move to a big bed, eventually. Remember that he was used to an enclosed bed. How do you ensure that the new environment protects him or her from falling as well?

It is simple because you have to buy a baby bed safety guard in India. It will ensure that your baby does not fall after rolling towards the edge of the bed. Doesn’t that offer your kid safety and gives you peace of mind?

  1. Baby safety belt for bike

A ride on a motorcycle is enjoyable even for a tot. As much as it is fun, it is also hazardous. That is something that kids can’t understand. Therefore, they will insist on getting the ride every time they see an opportunity. What should you do as a parent? Is refusing them an option?

For many parents, that is what they deem fit. It is good because the results will be excellent. However, kids may see it as a lack of love. After all, it is unfair to take away the happiness of your child. Fortunately, baby safety belt for a bike can help you keep the kid safe and make it happy at the same time.

  1. Child seat for scooter and motorcycles

Do you know that motorcycling when carrying a kid does not have to be dangerous? Once you take all the necessary precautions, it can be the safest exercise that you will ever involve your child. One such caution is securing a child seat for scooter and motorcycles.

It is among the 21 baby proofing products in India for parents who ride often or once in a while. If you ride a bike almost daily, how will you convince your child that it is dangerous? At one point, he or she will want a ride. For the safety of your kid, make sure that you have the child seat for scooter and motorcycle on the standby.

  1. Window guards

Last but not least, we have window guards as one of the baby proofing products. Did you know that a child can easily slip through an opening measuring even 5 inches? That brings the need to ensure that the kid cannot open the windows. Glass is fragile but window guards can see to it that your kid does not fall through it.

There is more to the windows. You should also ensure that window blinds are firm. Their dangling cords should also be unreachable. In addition to that, remove furniture that would assist the kid to reach the window.

Final Words :

With the baby proofing checklist, you can ensure that your home is safe for the baby. You own the child as well as the properties. Therefore, it is up to you to make it easy for them to co-exist. Baby proofing is hard beyond any reasonable doubt. However, it is not an option one you become a mom or dad.

You could use the help that the 21 baby proofing products in India. Maybe your first born didn’t need them. But remember that kids are different. Equally important, prevention is better than cure. I hope that the list above makes your parenthood more comfortable and more joyful. Y

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