Are Walkers for Babies Good or Bad?

Are walkers for babies good or bad? When it comes to mothers that have always been a bone of contention. The tug of war never ends. It is a common question in almost all the mothers’ forums. A baby walker is an investment, and one needs the answer to know whether it is worth it. Some mothers will tell you great stories about how helpful they have been. Others will air tragic stories. While some praise them endlessly, others blame them for their life-changing events and losses.

Choosing a side considering the two categories above would be hard. Was the baby walker to blame for the predicament entirely? Have the walkers simplified the lives of many mothers? Are walkers for babies good or bad? All those are questions that need answers. Given how concerned the mothers have been, there was a need to seek the right solution. It could only have come after extensive research. This article answers whether walkers for babies are good or bad.

What is a Baby Walker?

A baby walker is an invention that can help a baby who is yet to learn how to walk to move from one place to another. There is a time when what a kid wants is to move around. Since they are young, that is impossible. That is where a baby walker comes in. Most of the children find them entertaining. It becomes a source of delight for them until they learn to walk on their own. It also keeps them busy to give you an opportunity to handle other responsibilities.

Are walkers safe for Babies?

It is no secret that the market offers many options when it comes to baby walkers. Every model is different, and each manufacturer has its design. Some have features that will ensure that your kid is safe. On the other hand, there are the simple ones. Their model only focuses on assisting the child move across a room. As much as they do their job as per the expectations, they pose a danger to the child. Therefore, the safety of a walker depends on its features. What is at stake if you choose the wrong baby walker for your child? Keep reading to find out!

Dangers associated with Baby Walkers

The risks in our discussion are common even under normal conditions. However, walkers tend to increase the chances of their occurrences. Additionally, they make their effects relatively adverse too. They occur if you choose those that do not focus on the safety of the child. Here are the risks.

  • The walker can crash into a sharp or hard surface.
  • An older child can topple it innocently while the other one is in it.
  • It gives your baby an opportunity to reach many things. Some of them pose a danger including cleaning products and electrical cords among others.
  • Within a short period, your kid can enter a pool, heater, oven or the fireplace.
  • It can also reach extremely hot drinks and other dangerous things on the table.
  • A baby may fall down the stairs or steps.

Due to the above incidents, the life of your child may take a wrong turn and change forever. There are high chances of burns, head injuries, cuts and broken bones among other severe injuries. Other problems are the likes of drowning and poisoning.

Do Walkers assist in Helping your Kid Learn how to Walk?

According to some, walkers delay the locomotive development. Since it doesn’t spend much time on the floor, practicing the art becomes rare. Consequently, they take relatively long to master it. When using a walker, there is no need for balancing. As a result, it may take longer for your kid to learn to do the same. Does that reduce the chances of your child walking on their own? The answer is a resounding no. It is a delay and not an inhibition. They will learn to walk, eventually, but later than those who learn to do it on their own. Nevertheless, that is not always the case. They may walk at the right time too.

Features of a Good Baby Walker

  • Some baby walkers are stairs-proof. That is all thanks to their brake pads. They play a significant role in ensuring that the baby walker does not go over the steps or stairs.
  • Rubber feet see to it that the speed while walking down the stairs is small.
  • A base frame ensures that it doesn’t topple over.
  • An adjustable seat back prevents the baby from hurting itself while leaning backward.
  • Adjustable height is also another incredible feature. As a result, you are at liberty to adjust it to match that of your baby.
  • Brakes facilitate easy movement on uneven surfaces. They also prevent the walker from toppling over.
  • Non-skid friction pad makes sure that the child will not fall.
  • Most of the baby walkers have wheels for specific surfaces. Others have those ideal for all surfaces. In addition to that, there are those for the carpet that lacks wheels.

Final Thoughts

What is the right answer regarding the following question? Are walkers for babies good or bad? Considering the above dangers, one can conclude that walkers are not safe. That may be true, but those incidents occur even when a child is not using a walker. They can happen when a child is walking on their own as well. It means that a parent has a responsibility to keep an eye on the child now and then. In addition to that, there are walkers with features that can prevent such ordeals.

If you want a walking assistant, they may not be a good choice. However, they are ideal for keeping a child busy while the mother does other activities. If you are a busy parent, do not hesitate to buy it. However, make your that you don’t neglect the kid altogether. Additionally, settle for those with the features above for safety. That way, you will avoid the above problems.

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