7 Best Plastic Basket For Baby Clothes

By now you have realized that babies have a lot of items. The majority being baby clothes, it can be overwhelming if you are a new mother. You are probably wondering where to will keep them since the wardrobe will not fit in all. You need an additional storage unit that is capable of holding in all the items and still look pretty and cute in your tot’s room.

Most of these plastic baskets are conveniently designed to suit anywhere you want them to be. Plus, they not only store clothes, but you can use them to keep your youngster’s toys or anything you feel that needs storage. Generally, these baskets are multi-function and long lasting because of the plastic material. As you happily watch your toddler grow eventually, he is bound to outgrow it, and you can use it for other purposes.

Here is some of the best plastic basket for your baby clothes that you can choose from:

1) ShopyBucket Baby Drawer

ShopyBucket Baby Drawer  comes with 5 layer adjustable storage Box where you can keep the toys and clothes of your baby. This product is eye-catching at first glance. Here, you will be able to store tons of baby’s stuff tidily and neatly. You can see what is where through the transparent containers so there is no need for endless searching using this storage box. The five large and roomy drawers will make you feel at ease and organized.


Best plastic basket for baby clothes

It is also alterable to your desired height and cleans easily by either wiping or washing using running water. The baby Drawer fits well even in a tight squeezed space or at the corner of a room.

It is made using hard plastic which makes it stable on the ground and there is a guarantee that it will last longer. Its capacity is standard and comes in multi colours.


  • The drawers are slightly narrower.

2) Joyful Studio Modular Drawer System

Best PlasticBasket

Best plastic basket for baby clothes

It is a durable and robust product that weighs 3.8 kilos. The dimensions are 31cm L, 39cm W, and 80.9CM H. It is perfect for storing your kids’ clothes, books, toys and any little thing that requires storage. It assembles very easily plus it cleans faster and without difficulty. This modular drawer system  is a fantastic gift for a baby shower.


  • The dimensions stated by the manufacturers may differ from the actual product. It was once reported by a customer. So you should be wary of that.


3) Kids Kouch Kids Storage Cabinet

It is an item that not only you and your young one get to enjoy it, but also everyone who has a look at it will most definitely want it to be in their homes. It is stylish yet modern and comes with nine colourful baskets of different sizes. The storage is made using plastic material, and its dimensions are 34.9cm L, 16.5cm W and 31.4cm H. It has a manual to guide you on how to assemble it.

Best plastic basket for baby clothes

It is bound to keep you well organized since there is ample space for sorting and storing clothes and other items. The height is not very tall, hence making it secure and easily reachable. Cleaning is fast since you only need to wipe it. It is an excellent fit for your home or school.


  • The product has no warranty.
  • Many may not find it affordable.

4) Nilkamal Series

The Nilkamal series is designed to fit anywhere in your house practically. It is sturdy, durable and spacious enough to put all those little kinds of stuff to avoid being messy. It is made using a high-quality plastic material that does not scratch or break easily.

Best plastic basket for baby clothes

The four drawers are extra long, all you need to maintain cleanliness is to wipe it. It is easy to put it together plus it has a six-month warranty.
It has a variety of colors from purple, pink and, cream and pastel green you are spoiled for choice. The additional wheel makes it easy to move from one room and into another. It stands freely; its dimensions are 35.5cm W, 43cm W, and 81cm H and weighs 5.37 kilos.


  •  It is not stable enough when opening the drawers.
  •  The drawers easily get stuck and sometimes do not close completely.

5) Bel Casa Royal Baskets

Bel Casa Royal Baskets come with Storage Set of 4 Pieces – One medium, one mmall and two A6 sizes. These are a plastic household item that you must have. It meets the international standards since its manufacturers are a multi-national organization. The product is made using BPA free virgin plastic that uses food grade material as the source. It has a classy look, and it is perfect for storing anything.

Best plastic basket for baby clothes

Should you choose to store your little one’s stuff, you can use one of the A6 baskets to put the socks, mittens to mention a few. The handles on the sides make it convenient to carry from one point.
You can use running water to clean it since the netted Rattan design freely streams out water or merely wipe it using a cloth. The four pieces are deep A4 size, deep A5 size, and two A6 sizes. It is a multipurpose product that you can use it anywhere in your house, office, and school. It will make you feel organized since even the tiniest item has a place of storage.

  • There are concerns that the A6 size is slightly too small.
  • It only comes in one color which is brown.


6) Kurtzy Laundry Basket Organizer

The product is made using a high-quality plastic material that is durable, robust and, is stable once placed on the floor. You can wash it off easily using water, and its handles have been strategically placed on the sides to your convenience. The lid gives it a complete and sleek look making it suitable to be used by anyone.

Best plastic basket for baby clothes

You can put your youngster’s clothes in it and cover it when they are not entirely dry without any worries since the mesh design allows air to flow freely.
This product weighs 1.82 kilos, and the dimensions are 44cm L, 34 cm W and 60cm H. You will say goodbye to scattered dirty clothes or toys in your house once you acquire Kurtzy laundry basket

  • The Cane style plastic case are prone to breakages due to its thin frame.


7) CELLO Storewell

This fantastic walking multipurpose cabinet is a seller. You will love the great finishing and the stunning design that looks very fancy. It adjusts well plus it is flexible, and you will be sure that it is there to last you a lifetime. It is stable and can fix it in a tight space and still look decent. Cello Storewell is a reliable product made of a high plastic quality material that washes or wipes off easily.

Best plastic basket for baby clothes

You get to choose which color pleases you since it comes in three different colors ice brown, black and ice grey and has a one year warranty for the product’s defects. You will also find a manual with clear instructions on how to assemble the product.

It weighs 6.4kilos, and the size of this product is 38cm L, 43cm W and 69.5cm H. It is rectangular and stands freely on its own as it has wheels that lock.

  •  There are complains that the product arrives with slight damage or breakage.

Final Words:

When it comes to storing your baby’s clothes, you need a product that will not disappoint you. The Item that you will choose needs to make you feel organized, neat and less messy.

Depending on how much space you can allot and your budget will make you be in a better position to narrow down which one pleases you most. Also, consider one that will grow with your young one and maybe become something borrowed later in their lives.

Before making any purchases, make sure you go through all the product features. Look at all the customer’s reviews they give genuine information concerning the item. The last thing you need when your little angel’s belongings are overstuffed as it keeps adding almost on a daily basis. Ample space for storage means peace of mind.

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