10 Best High Feeding Chairs for Babies in India

When feeding your child, there are a lot of things that you need to determine how smooth the experience will be. That is why a lot of parents go the extra mile to ensure they have everything needed. One important thing is a feeding chair. A lot of parents have numerous questions regarding feeding chairs, and some wonder whether or not they are a necessity. This article will help you learn more about these chairs and determine whether or not they are essential to you. You will also get a description of the best high feeding chairs for babies in India.

Do I need a feeding chair?

Many parents ask this question a lot of times, and the answer is yes. You need a feeding chair. Feeding chairs will make you work easier since you will not have to carry the baby. It can be tiresome. The chairs are also fun, and their customization will suit the baby. Because of the fun designs and excellent customizations, the baby will love it. When they like it, they will enjoy eating on it as well because of the excitement.

What makes a high feeding chair different from a booster chair?

The most fundamental difference between the two is their design. As the name suggests, a high feeding chair has a more extended height from the floor. The seat of the chair is attached to a frame that is higher. Therefore, whenever the baby sits on it, they will be on the same height as you when you are feeding them. On the other hand, a booster chair has a very short distance from the floor to the seat. For you to use it, you will have to attach it to an adult’s chair to form a feeding chair. Typically, it is not designed to be for the sole purpose of feeding. It does much more.

Are high feeding chairs safe for the baby?

Safety is a significant concern for a lot of parents. While you may fear the height, I can confidently say that these chairs are very safe. The features and the design of the high feedings chairs are excellent and secure. They are very stable and will not drop your baby. Their center of gravity is terrific. Other than that, there are also harnesses that will further secure your baby in place. To a great extent, they are safer than booster chairs. Booster chairs can easily cause an accident whenever a child throws tantrums when eating.

What are some of the things to look out for when shopping for a high baby feeding chair?

As you go out to shop for a high feeding chair for your baby, there are so many things to consider. There are factors you should look at before making a choice. These factors will lead you to pick the best chair from the many manufacturers we have. These factors include:

ü    Materials:

The material used different manufacturers will use different materials to make feeding chair frames. There are those that use wood, plastic, or metals. It is no secret that metallic products last longer than plastic ones. Also, plastic and metallic feeding chairs are more popular than wooden ones. In the marketplace, you will mostly find plastic and metallic chairs. You will find the one that pleases you and meets the baby’s needs excellently.

ü    Flexibility:

      These chairs for babies come with feedings trays of different sizes and designs. One thing to note is that there are those that are detachable while others are not. I advise that you go for a removable tray because it is more flexible than usual. You will be able to detach it and clean it thoroughly. It is better if it is dishwasher safe. Other than ease of cleaning the tray, it will also grow with the child. When the baby gets to a point where they do not need it, you can remove it. Then you will be able to pull the child closer to the table and join the family.

ü    Cleaning:

       An excellent chair is one that you can quickly clean after use. A lot of the feeding time the child will be throwing and blowing food away. Therefore, the design must be simple to give you an easy time cleaning. Study the chair to identify the hard-t0-clean areas. If there are so many places that you can hardly be able to wipe clean, reconsider things. Think of those days when the baby throws tantrums during feeding time. Now think of that feeding session being accompanied by a tough cleaning moment.

ü    Adjustability:

      A perfect chair has to be one that is highly adjustable. Adjustability makes it easy for you to customize the features of the chair to fit your baby perfectly. For instance, the chair has to be flexible as per the height needs. It should be easy to elevate higher or lower the height as per your convenience. Also, there must be a mechanism that allows you to secure each adjustment firmly.

ü    Safety:

      This is also a primary concern that you may have. Inspect the sturdiness of the harnesses. A lot of the chairs have three point or five point harness systems. Check their thickness and the sturdiness of the materials used to make them. Check the buckles as well and ensure that they cannot be undone quickly and quickly. If the fasteners are not secure, when the child exerts any pressure on the harnesses, they will unbuckle. It will lead to an accident as the child may slip off. Check also to ensure that the edges are smooth to avoid any injuries to the baby as they play around. Go a step further to check for any certifications that show the item conforms to safety standards.

ü    Presence of lockable wheels:

      Wheels are an essential accessory to the chair. They allow you to move the chair across different rooms swiftly. Also, the wheels must be lockable. If not, the child may roll-off accidentally leading to injuries. The child may move around on the seat, and this can trigger movement.

ü    Comfort:

      Comfort for your baby to love the feeding, not only must it have a pretty design but also offer comfort. Whenever the seat is comfortable, the child will enjoy sitting on it. A comfortable chair has excellent and heavy padding. The cushioning on the rear will allow the kid to sit for long hours there.

Here are your top ten priorities based on price, reviews, and features.

10 Best High Feeding Chairs for Babies in India

1.       1953169 High chair from Graco, Multicolor

Graco is a company that has some of the most fabulous products. It has done excellent work with designing and developing this product. It is one of the feeding chairs that will not dent your bank account form Graco.

Best High Feeding Chairs for Babies in India


·         An excellent ultra lightweight that makes moving it from place to place a smooth process

·         Superior and high-quality materials are used to make it

·         It is straightforward to clean after the feeding session

·         The padding of the seat is thick and provides superior comfort to the child when seated

·         The chair has a five-point harness that holds your baby safely in place during feeding and when they are playing

·         The tray is large enough to accommodate your baby’s toys during playtime

·         The multicolor designs give it an excellent pop and will make any room brighter

·         The base is extra broad for maximum stability

2.       Marshmallow: The smart high chair from R for Rabbit2

This chair is a luxurious and stunning feeding chair from R for Rabbit. It is outstanding, and the design is fascinating. Because of its design, the functionality of the item is remarkable. It will serve a lot of functions with its fabulous features.

Best High Feeding Chairs for Babies in India


·         This chair boasts of its EN14988 safety certification that makes it a great option. Its strength and quality have been tried and tested.

·         The chair folds down effortlessly after use and becomes very small. It saves you a lot of storage space.

·         It can be adjusted to seven different heights when you want to use it and will grow with the child

·         You can recline the backrest to three positions as well for relaxation

·         There are five-harness points for this chair to fasten the baby securely

·         It supports a maximum weight of 20kg

·         The tray is removable

3.       LittleHug height adjustable  feeding chair from Baybee

Baybee is one of the top manufacturers of high feeding chairs for baby. Their products always have a unique touch to them. They are outstanding and breathtaking to look at. This chair is crafted with premium quality materials. It also has premium features that make it stand out from the competition. It features excellent reviews from users.

Best High Feeding Chairs for Babies in India


·         It has a safety certification from EN71 making it a trustworthy product for the child’s safety

·         The chair has excellent reclining capabilities. You can recline it to three positions for maximum relaxation after eating. The leg support also reclines

·         It occupies a minimal storage space when you close it up

·         You can adjust the chair to different heights as per your needs. You can change it to seven different heights

·         The seat part is easy to wash and is machine washable and spill resistant

·         The tray is removable and machine washable

·         It has a five-point harness that secures your baby in place at all times

·         It is effortless to assemble

4.       Ultima baby high chair from Infanto, orange

Infanto Company designed this chair to meet your baby’s needs with excellence as well as your needs. The seat is beautiful,and the design is highly functional. The seat has excellent functionality for everything you want to do. Your baby will love it.

Best High Feeding Chairs for Babies in India


·         The bright orange color is fabulous,and it will stimulate the mind of the child. It can easily make feeding time an exciting time.

·         It is sturdy and is made from high-quality materials. The frames can support the weight of your child

·         You can adjust the chair to six different positions effortlessly so that you can meet your kid’s height needs

·         The tray is large enough to accommodate several things at once. Other than that, it also features a dual try design

·         The backrest can recline to three different positions for extra comfort and relaxation

·         It has four caster wheels that make movement quick and effortless. Also, the wheels are lockable to prevent any accidents.

·         It has a six-point harness.

5.       Garnite high chair from Baybee – Oceanic blue

Baybee has also done a lovely job with designing and developing this chair. This granite adjustable feeding chair is fabulous and gorgeous. Every child will love it. The chair has sturdy frames and will grow with your child every day.

Best High Feeding Chairs for Babies in India


·         It has a five-point safety harness that offers excellent security to the child

·         You can remove the tray with one hand and in less than a minute. Other than that, the tray is also machine-washable. This makes it hassle-free to clean

·         The chair has a backrest that can recline to three different positions. Therefore, your child can relax after meals comfortably

·         The foam padding is thick to offer extra comfort to the child. They can sit there for long hours

·         The seat is easy to clean making it easy to maintain proper hygiene. The seat pad is machine washable

·         It can carry kids from five months to two years

·         Has a storage basket

6.      4-in-1 Convertible high chair from R for Rabbit

Great functionality and multipurpose features are important reasons to consider as you shop. This chair from R for Rabbit will always be a perfect choice. Its design is stunning and will make you fall in love with it. The seat has attractive features.

Best High Feeding Chairs for Babies in India


·         This Cherry Berry grand chair has an EN14988 certification that assures you of safety

·         It has excellent functionality because of its convertible nature. You can turn this chair to a study table and a chair. You can also make it a booster chair. The versatility is impeccable.

·         The edges have an arc design with eliminates any sharp edges that can hurt the child

·         The tray is easy to remove and clean

·         The seat has an easy to clean fabric

·         The backrest features an optimal design that trains the kid on how to seat properly

·         The chair features a five-point harness system that secures your baby in place excellently

7.      3-in-1 Convertible high chair from LuvLap

LuvLap is a company that is well known for creating fabulous feeding chairs for children. You can trust the company because of the excellent reputation for quality products. This chair is attractive and very versatile.

Best High Feeding Chairs for Babies in India


·         The red color is an excellent choice because it is fun and enhances alertness.

·         The chair has the approval of being safe because it has certification by European standards. It has an EN 14988 certificate

·         The versatility of the chair means youcan turn it to a study table and a chair. You can also make it a baby chair

·         The legs of the chair have an anti-tipping design that will never slip on the floor

·         The backrest of the chair is very comfortable for the child

·         The tray has a tray cover and can be removed in seconds

·         The cushioning of the seats is easy to clean,and they are washable

8.     Convertible baby high chair from R for Rabbit

R for Rabbit has also done a commendable job with this chair. It is brilliant and has excellent flexibility. The functionality of the chair is lovely,and it serves its purpose excellently.

Best High Feeding Chairs for Babies in India


·         The chair has an EN14988 Certification,and this shows that it is safe. It has been tested and approved.

·         You can convert the chair to a study table and a chair for the child to use as they grow

·         The legs of the chair feature an anti-tipping and nonslip design for extra safety

·         The backrest of the chair is magnificent

·         This gorgeous convertible high feeding table has a five-point harness position. It secures your baby in place wonderfully.

·         It supports a maximum weight of 20kgs

9.      Portable aluminum high chair from Kurtzy

Kurtzy is an excellent name in this business,and they have wonderful chairs for kids. This feeding chair is outstanding. The polka dots material used is strikingly gorgeous and fun. The chair has lovely functionality.

Best High Feeding Chairs for Babies in India


·         The feeding chair carries children from six months to five years

·         The surfaces are anti-spill,and food will not stick to it. This makes it easy to clean

·         The tray fits perfectly against the child to prevent food from spilling on them

·         The tray is removable and dishwasher safe

·         When you fold the chair up, it takes a minimal storage space

·         Made of high-quality aluminum metal

·         Can support the weight of upto 50kgs

·         The bright colors are exciting

·         The cushion is very soft for comfort

1    Foldable baby high chair from Notty Ride

Notty Ride is an excellent company that is behind this sleek, sophisticated, and elegant high chair. It is a beauty to behold. The style is lovely, and it gives you great functionality. The features are lovely,and any kid will love it.

Best High Feeding Chairs for Babies in India


·         The chair offers excellent security with the five-point harness system

·         There is a mesh basket at the bottom that will hold the baby’s supplies and toys

·         The tray is vast and can accommodate a lot of things comfortably

·         The footrest of the chair can be adjusted to three different locations

·         There are four wheels attached that allow you to move the chair around easily. You can lock the wheels to prevent accidents.

·         The seat has a great cushioning,and you can wash it for proper hygiene

These are the top ten high feeding chairs for babies that you can look at when shopping. They are gorgeous,and they have incredible functionality. They serve their purpose excellently and are madeby top manufacturers. These chairs willgrow with your child and offer amazingfunctionality always.

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